Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Happy 4th of July weekend to you. It has been busy here on the cost with lots of tourists and lots of wrecks. The hospital is just down the street from me and the ambulances have already been buy my house 10 times with sirens a blazing. Nope this is the weekend to stay home.
What ever all of you are doing watch out for the other guy and be safe.

I posted a few more patterns yesterday in my Beadwright Bead Coop. Thought I would share them with you. I have tons of drawings of faces and face parts. LOL for several years I was very much into drawing eyes. Set those to beads and you come up with some great patterns.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Beautiful eyes! Stay out of the way of those ambulances, you don't want to be off your feet again! Have a fun and safe holiday, Nicole.

  2. Oh those are funny! I would hate to look over at the next table and see someone's wrist staring at me! LOL. Very cool!

  3. Happy 4th Nicole! I love the eyes you've created in these tutorials. Beautiful and captivating! Hope you are enjoying staying in!

  4. Very clever to stay home! Happy 4th July! BTW I'm back in bloggerland. :-)
    And I love your new profile pic. You look great in that one.

  5. Hmmm how about a pair of Lips...right in the middle....and then sculpturally built them up????? black bracelet with red lips??? (miss you)


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