Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Hi Everyone!!!
Yiippeeeeeee and hurrraaayyyy!!!! I just got home form seeing the foot doctor and yessssssss!!! My foot is 99% healed. I can now wear shoes instead of shoe. LOL The bone healing machine worked, staying off my foot for 4 months worked, and wearing that huge heavy medical boot worked. My foot is weak and needs some TLC over the next 6 months but I can now walk. What a relief. Dancing anyone????? OK OK maybe in a few months.

The other good news is my winner for last months comment contest. Shaiha's Ramblings was chosen from the cyber hat. She will get free beads sent to her. Check out her blog and say hi.
You could be the next winner. Simply leave comments. The more comments you leave the more chances you have at winning.

I am off to walk through my house.........with shoes on................

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  1. Great news Nicole!! I can see you dancing around the house :))

  2. That's wonderful news, Nicole! :D Doing a virtual happy dance for you.

  3. Yeah! Congratulations! I know what you mean about the boot, I had to wear that thing to, no where near as long as you, and it was not fun!

    Hope you are dancin!

  4. I am doing the HAPPY DANCE for you!!! Congrats! that is awesome news.

    You will always remain in my thoughts, and my candle lightings and prayers.


  5. Hi Nicole, I'm so glad that your foot is better!! I have thought about you a lot the past three weeks. Dancing? Really? I will have to pass...this girl has NO rythym ~ LOL

  6. Yah! Take it easy! Good work, Nicole.

  7. Excellent news Nicole! Be careful not to overdo it! I'm doing the happy dance for you--wait a few weeks at least to dance, LOL!

  8. I am so HAPPY DANCING for you right now! That is the best news and I so needed good news! I will try to e-mail you soon SIS!!! Hugs Hugs and more Hugs!

  9. Nicole, I can't tell you how happy I am that your foot is almost completely healed! What wonderful news!

    I'm sure your shoe will be VERY happy to have her partner back! :)

    Have a terrific day!

  10. Congrats Nicole! After being off my foot for a mere 6 weeks this spring - I am so happy for your that your ordeal is coming to an end!!!

  11. That´s great!
    Iam really happy for you. I am sure that it must feel great to be back on your feet.

  12. That is really good news! Being able to walk after 4 months must feel like being able to fly again.


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