Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Hi Everyone!
It is so cold and rainy today. Dark and well... just creepy. I did manage to set up some lights and get a few photos for you.
Last week my very good friend Lori Cook sent me some glass. Lori and I have known each other over 5 years. We met on line when I lived in North Idaho she lives in Spokane WA. We set up a date and met up in Spokane. We were instant friends. We were able to meet up a few more times before I moved to Florence OR. We email each other several times a day and share so much. So last week I received a package in the mail and ooohhh la la it is glass from Lori. What a great friend. Lori's glass is so special. She creates the best in color and shapes.

If you want some of the best glass to incorporate in you bead embroidery then see

So most of this weekend I spent beading. First I found this bottle a few months ago. When I need a break from designing jewelry I bead bottles. Quick and easy. This bottle stands over 7 inches and 4 inches around.

During the OWOH event this year I was the honored winner of Lisa Atchison's tourch art. Ohhhhh come on if you are not aware of Lisa's glass are you are truly missing out. Anyway I won two of her beautiful beads.
Here is what I have created with one of them.

 Go visit Lisa at Lisa Atchison and if you are going to the Bead n Button show she will be at booth 1222

So I am off to airbrush some leather faces that have been waiting for me.
I hope your day is a good one.

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  1. Not complaining (yet), but you can send some of that cool weather here. It is very humid here right now. I also love Lori's glass!

  2. To be honest I'm glad that it rains and is cold here today. We so need the rain, as it didn't rain in weeks (or months). Nature yells for some rain.

    Extraordinary glass! Especially the pieces in the second pic. Love them!

  3. Everything is gorgeous! I wish it was cool here. Hot, humid, sunny, and about 95 degrees in Maryland. Yuck!

  4. I love that bead of Lisa's and you made a gorgeous piece with it. Cold and colder here too..High today of 62, Snowing in the mountains still and thunderboomers most all day today. I see the heat wave on the other side of the states and wonder if I really should be wishing for warmer weather--LOL!

  5. That is some beautiful glass and I understand how they can be so inspiring.

    You are so inspiring! Your beautiful bead work is always wonderful, I don't know how you can create these things so quickly. Everything I do takes so long. That's ok, it is still fun.

  6. Hi Nicole, your necklace is GORGEOUS!! Thank you ~ I am so honored! It is amazing the magic you make with seed beads.

    Lori's glass is amazing. I can't wait to see what you create with them :)

  7. I am intrested in seeing a pic of the leather faces when you get them done!!


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