Friday, June 10, 2011


Hi Everyone!
First another complaint with Blogger. Just wish they would get it together. LOL

Now for something nice. My entire life I have picked up rocks, stones, and any other wonder that nature offered up to me. Mike says I am like Lucile Ball in the Movie The Long Long Trailer, where she packs it full of rocks. So with that tidbit shared, while I lived in the AZ desert the beautiful desert agate was everywhere. I collected boxes of them. The locals call them "moon rocks" In the early 1990's I incorporated them in all kinds of beading. Now some 20 years later that raw and natural stone is in the main stream. I noticed that FMG is selling it for an exorbitant price. OMG!!! Part of my beading last week was with a piece of my agate. I am selling some of my agate but I am NOT listing it on etsy if you would like some email me. Believe me my price is WAY less than FMG.

Also if you are on the OR coast on June 17, then make your way to Reedsport. The Mind Power Art Gallery is sponsoring a show for the huge chain saw art festival. I have arranged for me, Nicole Campanella, Kelley Angeley, Charmain Pesnell, and Sarah Holded to show and sell our bead art. There will be other artists there as well. Free demos, and food. This will be June 17 from noon to 8Pm. I also have classes set up there every weekend so if you are coming to the cost contact me for sign up. Come join in the fun!!!

Now for eye candy.

Contact me if you are interested in Natural Agate

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. This is a Beautiful Piece Nicole. So Pretty and that agate is awesome!

  2. That is really pretty stuff! I have to whittle down my supply though before I can even think of buying more, LOL!

  3. I love how you put the rock in with the beads. Very creative and imaginative work.


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