Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hi Everyone!

I am feeling better that blogger has fixed my followers. Hope they have for you as well.

In my family, as I am sure most of you there have been and are military members. I have a long list of men and women who have served our country as far back as the Civil War. But most recent, my son Troy, served in the Army during Desert Storm and his daughter Koral Marie now serves in the Air National Guard. Hopefully she will never have to be deployed. My son-in-law, Dax, joined the US Marines right out of high school and loves being a Marine. He and my daughter are now stationed in Tx but Dax has been deployed 9 times. Thank the gods he has come home safe each time.  Our troops go through so much more than we can ever imagine. They give ALL of themselves in what they have been trained in. For what? For all of US. Yes us as a people and US for our country.
Thank you to all of the men and women who have served and are serving. And a special thanks to my grand daughter Koral Marie and my son-in-law Dax Ridgeway

Yes this beauty, Koral Marie, inspects airplanes
You would think she was my daughter's daughter they look so much alike

 My daughter April Dawn and Dax
 Home safe after his last deployment

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Nicole, your family is just beautiful! Your daughter.... please tell her she has gorgeous eyes! You can see she's a spirited girl, what a blessing!

    Re: followers, I'm not seeing your widget or followers. It's a blank box... sadness ensues. I don't think that the way we had done followers in the past is going to work anymore. Hopefully I'm wrong, because it was familiar to people and convenient.

    Hope your Memorial Day weekend is full of happiness, health and pride!
    Have a terrific day!

  2. Your daughter is lovely! I too have family deployed. always a worry. Makes not being able to see my followers pretty minor.

  3. What a gorgeous family and send them all Memorial day wishes for me! They all sure do come from good stock!

  4. Beautiful Photos and a beautiful family, Nicole! Thanks for such a great post, and you can definitely see the familiar resemblances :)
    Please thank them for serving from Ron and I. I didn't realize that you and I each had a daughter named April :)
    Mine is the oldest and from my first know the one that keeps attacking me after brief make up periods. I just ordered her grad photos from college even though I didn't attend.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Yes indeed - thank the gods for safe returns!!
    Now if they could just get blogger to work properly. I'm having difficulty leaving comments on some blogs - it doesn't ever recognize me and just keeps bouncing me back to the sign in screen. Grrr....


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