Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Two days in a row that I am feeling GOOD!!! After such a long bout with lupus I really had forgotten how GOOD feels. It is amazing!!!  So of course I am going to use this GOOD and get as much accomplished as possible. So for all of you who have asked to put my Nicole's BeadBacking in smaller packages I have. Head over to my Beadwright Etsy store where I have 3 packs available. See feeling good and thing get accomplished. LOL

The other thing I am really happy about is that the drum I made yesterday for my new tutorial turned out great!!! I don't know why I was worried. Back in 1985 I was blessed by the Tribal Elders to make drums and I have never had a bad drum yet. I am especially please because I have made it a Butterfly drum. It is perfect for spring. Change of season and the butterfly represents change. As soon as I have it painted I will show it and present the tutorial.
So what are all of you doing today? I really want to know.
What ever it is make it the best.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. I am sure the drum tutorial will be Fabulous! I am so glad you are hsving good days! Hope they continue on..

  2. so glad you are feeling good these past couple days, nicole. hoping it continues for you. can't wait to see the drum!

  3. I cannot wait to see your drum!Yesterday was a busy day! I got a hair cut, went to Harbor Freight (a tool junky's heaven, which I am!) and went to my Mother's for dinner where I got to squeeze and kiss my sister's babies! Life is good!

    I'm glad you are feeling well, and having wonderful energy!! I wish many more days like this for you! HUGS, Lisa

  4. That's such great news that you are feelin better! Love to see your drum too! I'm with the baby today and my cab table is bare...I just told fb that I think bob the builder ate my muse!!!! I can't think of any new ideas for cabs...well maybe one with a dozer coming out of her head!!! lol Wishing you many many more days of good health sweetie! Big hugs


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