Monday, April 4, 2011


Hi Everyone,
So far the day is good. The body doesn't hurt too much and the fatigue feels like it is at bay. Hurraaayyy....
Earlier this morning to told Lori Cook I was going to try and bead today, however, I forgot I get to pain instead!!!! Pain what you ask.... my drum!!! I thought I would get it done yesterday but the day got away from me. The first time I made this type of octagon drum was in 1995. I made butterfly wings at each point of the octagon. This drum will have a beautiful butterfly painted on it's face and then dressed with.... well I am not sure yet. The drum will have to tell me that.
So if you are interested in making your own traditional style drum my step by step tutorial is now available in my Beadwright etsy store, my Beadwright Bead Coop and Nicole Campanella's Beadwright website. 
Or if you would like a ready made drum just email me.
So with a drum roll and a bang here is the drum. I will show it again tomorrow painted.

Have a great day everyone.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Wow that is one fabulous looking drum with a lot of work going into it. Can't wait to see the painting!

  2. Greeeaaaat! That is really cool! :)

  3. how much do you charge for your drums


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