Saturday, April 2, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I hope all of you have had a great Saturday. I have. The sun is out and you know how seldom we get that here in Florence. My morning started off with a conversation via telephone with Lisa Atchison. Come on you know who she is, glass designer extraordinaire??? If you don't know her head over to her blog.

Anyway it was so nice to speak and to get to know her a bit. She is awesome!
After a few more phone calls to family I started on a new tutorial. It stems from my traditional background and spiritual arts classes I use to teach in North Idaho and Spokane WA. I am starting out with a traditional drum tutorial. With Pow wow season starting this just seemed right. So that is how I spent my afternoon making a drum and getting the photos for the tutorial. It is drying now so I will have the tutorial listed some time tomorrow. Some of you may know this from years back, I use to sell drum kits. Maybe I will put some together. Here are some drums I made a while back including a gourd drum.

Oh yeah and I made cookies for Mike today too. :)

Happy Saturday Evening Everyone!
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Well, today was a day to do wonderful things. I had one too!!

  2. Oh those are great drums Nicole. How much did you sell them for?? I wonder? They are cool. Glad you are having great days. Take care. So when will you be making drums??

  3. Very cool drums, Nicole. Hey do you know Marcus Ammerman? He is a sort of cousin of mine. I guess you would call him a kissing cousin. Not that I ever kissed him although when....oh, never mind;-)

  4. Hi Nicole! My day was wonderful too, as it started out with talking to you and getting to know better the amazing person that you are. Your sharing and caring, kind nature is a blessing to many, and I feel I have made a new friend.

    I love your drums and I'm sure your tutorial will be a great success (There you go sharing again! :) Thanks so much for all the encouragement. Hugs, Lisa

  5. You sound so upbeat!! Glad you are having a great day Nicole! I am too!

  6. Very cool drums, Nicole! I especially love the first one!


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