Monday, January 17, 2011


Hi Everyone!!!
After non stop rain for the last 3 days with winds from hell and darks skies, the sun just came out. It is a very nice sight. A little drying time is needed here. LOL
I have been working all day and it seems I don't have much news so I will tell you that I have lots of new items in my Beadwright etsy store for you. Take a look, and see what you just can't live with out. Lots of cabs, and crystals, and beady things.

Great drusy in this
Nothing like amber

oh and this recycled glass has three hearts in it

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. The recycled glass with the three hearts is beautiful.

  2. Those are just beautiful. The sun isn't out over here, but that's okay. I want to enjoy Winter and all it has to offer. Have a great week.

  3. YEAH for sunshine! Hope you got sun kisses! Love the stones & glass. Can't wait to see what they become!

    P.S. how's the finger dear?

  4. Went through your Etsy store yesterday and there are yummy things for sale. Sadly no bead money left.
    Here the weather went crazy. Two weeks ago freezing cold with -12°C, then all the snow melted away while having +15°C, then having heavy rain and serious flooding and now for the weekend we expect cold and snow again. OK, weather gods, what you're smoking?

  5. Oh we so need to talk! You know I have a love of amber! Yippie for sunshine!

  6. Glad you have the sun out there--we have the rain here now!

    I'm always stalking your Etsy shop!

  7. The third is amazing!!!, its got some kind of hipnotic feeling.

    Congrats for your work

    See ya

  8. These are so gorgeous!
    I envy you for having the sun shining where you are - it's been gloomy, snow-rain-slate where we are... sigh.

  9. Preciosas todas, sobre todo la ultima.



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