Friday, January 14, 2011


Hi Everyone!
I have so much to do today. It seems when I get one or two things finished something else comes my way. Don't get me wrong I love being busy, I thrive on it, I would hate to wake up and not have anything pressing to do. Sooo I wanted to share with you two things. First Artbeads bloggers are getting geared up to create a winter theme. Well all of you know how I feel about winter.... gaaaggg.... So I have decided to go in a different direction than a normal winter theme. (Oh really?? everyone knows I am NOT normal LOL) Here are the beads I received from The 3mm druks are so cool. Check them out there is every color you can imagine. My focal of the piece will be these Ocean Blue Picasso beads. Come on.. I live on the Oregon coast. But what I am most excited about using are the Metallic Tila squares. These small square beads with two drill holes came out last year from Miyuki. They are sooooo awesome. does have the best price for them so be sure to stock up.

Ooohhhh fun beads from

Now several months ago I bought this bead from my good friend and glass maker James Lias.
You can go here to watch him dance with the torch
This piece is a cage with a dicro marble inside.


 The peyote spiral fit perfectly with the glass. I purchased all of the seed beads from

Hope you can feel my excitement. I am off to bead!

I am a reviewer of products for I received the beads above free of charge. I have used and reviewed this product and my statements are an honest description. I receive no compensation from for my endorsement as it pertains to the product above.

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  1. Wowser! Thats gorgeous Nicole.

  2. Love the spiral stitch with the cage - perfect!!!!

  3. you craete the most awesome pieces!!! I love artbeads!!! I have an old wooden box,used to hold tools I guess ,way back when, anyway..I store my beads in it and I simply love to pull them out and just LOOK at them!!! I plan to someday soon learn to do peyote stitch(probably when my grandkids are a bit older and don't need so much attention...would hate to have to jump up from the table..leave beads there..and have my cats enjoy them!!! ). You really inspire me to figure out a way to make it possible!
    enjoy your weekend!! Ann

  4. New beads look so inspirational! And the necklace is absolutely fantastic!!!

  5. Totally jealous!!!! I love what you did with that necklace!

  6. Amazing work Nicole. It's obvious you love what you do. Thank you for jumping on my blog.

    xo Rochelle

  7. Superb work and design. Nicole, your blog is wonderful, interesting, and contemplative! Thank you for sharing!


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