Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hi Everyone!
It is a stormy wet (and let us not forget the wind) day. I did have a few errands today but nothing to get to excited about. Sooooo if you read my post about the mushroom patch my mom gifted to me you know that I was soooo excited about eating fresh mushrooms that I didn't have to hike in the woods to get. Now no one has ever said I have a green thumb, or in this case a shroom thumb. I did everything the directions told me to do. However, I felt it was too cold where I first placed the shroom patch so I moved it close to the wall heater. It seem to be doing fine. Then one morning when I went to do the misting, it looked really wet and a bit mushy. So I laid off the watering a bit. Well that made it get too dry and a white coating formed with a bit of very dark brown on top. Also the shrooms that had started to grow just stopped growing. After a few days of trying to figure out what to do, the entire patch became very white with more of the dark brown. I called the shroom place. She knew exactly what had gone wrong and what was happening. So I got it too warm by limiting the watering. The patch forms this white when it is dormant getting ready for the second growing. The dark brown color is normal too. She said it is generating nutrients and if all goes well for the second crop I should have LOTS of mushrooms. I have to let it sit for two weeks, then start the process over again. So, if you decide to get one of these, placement is key.
Here is my mushroom patch now. Boo hoo hoo no shrooms yet.

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  1. I've never heard of this. I ended up tossing my olives because I was afraid to get poisoned. I did everything I was supposed to do but they were still a little bitter but were losing some of their bitterness. I just didn't want to take a chance. Good luck with your shcroom? It looks a little weird, sort of like a piece of cake that's been sitting on the counter. tee hee.

  2. Very interesting. I always thought they should be placed in a cave-like atmosphere, like they do in France? Please post your progress on your shroom farm..I'll bet you get enough for lots of gourmet dishes.

  3. Now now now Nicole...don't look at it as no shrooms now but as a BIGGER, better crop later!!


  4. Your shroom farm kinda looks like one giant mushroom! I hope it produces a lot the second time around.

  5. OMG, it looks like a giant fire grilled marshmallow. Have a feeling the marshmallow may taste better. That mushroom looks like it wants to sit and have tea with you.

  6. Generating nutrients? OK, I guess you have to trust the lady you talked to. I hope it works the second time.

  7. Wow - I have never heard of this before. Its fascinating. I love fresh mushrooms (so does my dog). Keep us posted on the next crop.


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