Thursday, December 30, 2010


Hi Everyone!
This week has been and still is filled with doctors appointments. My foot will not get better with the nerve damage and so it is now time to see the podiatrist. Hmmmm we will just have to see and hear what he has to say. One thing I will be receiving injections in my foot for the pain. OMGgggggg!!! Hey if it gets me back into shoes then I will do it. Ohhh I mean shoe. LOL

Soooo what am I so excited about and think is so much fun??? Well I will tell you. First I have to say that my mom, Sally, is one of the most fun loving people I know. We are very close and always have a good time when we are together. So when Mike and I arrived at her house for xmas I knew we would have fun. Since we don't celebrate xmas, presents are not part of our time together, except..... mom bought herself and me a mushroom growing patch. EEEEhhhhhhh and yeeeeaaahhhhh it is the coolest thing ever!!! We love mushrooms, pick them, eat them, use them for medicine, and well you get the idea. Mom had already started hers and had about 10 mushrooms already growing. Ohhh yeah this kit is for Shiitake mushrooms.
Yum Yum..You can get other types too.
I thought it would be  fun to share the process with you. So here it goes. I brought my patch home and still in the box put it in the fridge for 3 days. Now I have to submerge it in water for 24 hours. This has to be well water or boiled from the tap. The patch is actually pretty sensitive and breaks easily. In fact mom's fell all apart. However she got some great mushrooms from it. Follow the photos.

The patch comes in a nice heavy duty box

 Sealed in a plastic bag with a date of inoculation on it.

 I know it kind of looks like cauliflower

 I poured in the water and the whole thing started to float.
There is sawdust in side with other materials.

 I grabbed two cans of veggies to hold it in place. All the water went to the
bottom of the bag.

 I added more water until the patch was completely submerged.
Now we wait 24 hours.

You have to admit this is pretty cool!!!

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  1. Nicole, this sounds so fun! I too love mushrooms... and the idea of growing your own, so you know they are sprayed with pesticides is awesome! I can't wait to watch the progress... AND hear about how delicious your 'shrooms are!

    Sending your foot boatloads of healing energy. Shots or no shots, I just want you to feel better dear!

    Abundant Fungi Growing! :o)

  2. That is very very cool you will have to keep sharing this process! I wish you had better news about your foot though.
    Hugs and Blessings

  3. I have always wanted to try this--I want a Morel Box!!!! Too Cool!

  4. That is really cool! I never saw a kit to grow your own mushrooms--you must share when they start growing!

  5. Eeeek Gasp! Mushrooms! That is too awesome! You must tell more about them when they start growing! :3 I am sorry to hear about that foot. I wish I could do something to help. <3


  6. Yes, please share the process. Would love to see how they grow.
    And best wishes for your foot!


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