Friday, December 31, 2010


Hi Everyone!
This day has started out with a bang. I have accomplished so much already and have the energy to do more. If my foot holds out that is. For those of you who don't know I share my body with lupus and the lack of energy is a huge issue. I take herbs to keep my energy level up and today I have good energy. Hurraaayyyy.
So far this morning I got my mushroom patch ready to grow, airbrushed 3 leather masks, and two gourds, made Mike pancakes for breakfast. (I don't usually make breakfast for him) I cleaned my kitchen and now I am writing to you. Yeahhhh for energy.

This mushroom growing is amazing. Here is the next steps in the process.

After soaking for 24 hours the water is a light tea color

 Place a plate in the pan because there will be lots of water involved here.

 The directions do not tell you to cut the bag. So when my mom tried to remove her patch it broke all apart. Sooo cut the bag away from the mushroom patch.

 These are the pieces that broke off when I tried to push the patch down into the water. Don't do that.

 Click on this photo to see a close view of the inside top of the patch.

 These are the pieces gently pushed backed into place. There is a mushroom nub
growing on one of the pieces.

 Ohhhhh eeeehhhh aaahhhhh this is a mushroom nub growing.

 Here is another one. Ohhh boy I can hardly wait to make fresh mushroom soup.


 OhhKaayyy on with the directions. In the contents is a plastic bag with holes in it. It is called the tent.

 The next step is to place the mushroom patch on the plate and then gently push in some sticks to  hold the tent up. These are skewers, but you can use anything.

 Taaaa Daaaa... Here is my mushroom patch ready to grow. It has to be sprayed with water several times a day. Keeping it warm enough will be my mission for the  next week.

P.S. the herbs I take for energy are truly herbs from the health food store not some street herb. LOL

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  1. LOL-- I'm glad your verified the "herb" thing...You are too funny! I'm finding this whole mushroom thing fascinating...Is there a website for the kits? How warm do you have to keep it.

  2. What ever gives you a boost is good in my book but I suppose the health store is the safest place to get them! LOL This is a fun process I can't wait to see more!


  3. Mushrooms & herbs--sounds like something straight out of the 60s!

    Really...glad that you found something that works for you!


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