Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It wasn't a joke I was tired.
Last night I posted what you see below. This morning I get an email from Lori laughing her head off. Why I am wondering? What did I do that made her laugh so hard 7-up came out her nose. The she tells me to look at the link I put up for her. OMG!!!! OK so that is not Lori Cook. I am cracking up now too. If you want to visit the "real" Lori Cook go here. Out of the flames

Hi Everyone!
It is a quiet night here at the old house. Well except for the howling wind and rain slamming against the windows. LOL I mean just a peaceful night. I have been working on my website and thanks to my very good friend Lori Cook, it is going to get finished. We have the same program and mine bit the dust. So thanks again Lori. Give her a visit at you will be glad you did. outoftheflames.com
Anyway I was getting photos ready for the site and thought ohhh I can post these on my blog too. So here I am to say hello to all of you and to show you some of the leather faces I did a few months ago. These are my medium size faces. I do make smaller and larger. Hope you enjoy the photos.
Have a nice evening.

Bold beautiful features

 I do love the way this leather almost looks like skin

 And of course all skin has gold, copper, and silver in it.

 She has silver highlights

 She may have needed more cheek bone

 definitely more cheek bone

You know me I love the macabre

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. And these ARE going to be for SALE, right??What size, and what size for the small and medium, and how much AND.....Merry Christmas, Nicole!!!!

  2. LOL! Okay-- That is NOT my website...Thanks for the laugh. You are too funny!

  3. Yes the masks are for sale. And Lori I don't know what I was thinking. Glad you had a laugh though.

  4. We all have those oops moments!

    Love the faces!

  5. ~Sumptuous~
    Happpy Holidays!


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