Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hi Everyone!
It seems like a quiet weekend in cyberspace and that includes me as well. Too many things going on here with emotions. I know there are a lot of you out there that have had multiple family and friends that have passed in a short period of time. For me this last year has been a bit overwhelming and with the loss of our dear Mya dog it kind of all hit home. I have been keeping myself very very busy over this last few months so as not to dwell or get depressed with all of the loss. However, this weekend has been a punch in the stomach for me. Wowowoow I had no intention of writing all of this. Sorry. What I wanted to say is that I am so blessed with good friends and with the little happy things that happen everyday. Like having one of my bracelets featured on Beader's Showcase. It is a bracelet that I have shared with all of you a few months back. These little wonders of recognition have blessed my heart. Thanks Ann and Jeff. If you do not know of Beader's Showcase then you should head over and see all the hard work that is put into this site just for us.

And everyone... thank you for helping me through all of this. XOXO

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. congratulations dear Nicole!!!!

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! It's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congratulations Nicole! I love Beaders Showcase! Ann and Jeff are very special people. It's great seeing your beautiful work featured!

  4. Congrats, Nicole! Those are the little things that make me smile, too.


  5. Congratulations! That is a beautiful bracelet. Yes, you are right, you have had a lot to contend with this year. Bring on the new year is what I say!!!

  6. Congrats! Your bracelet is stunning! Like you, I appreciate the small happiness that comes my way.

  7. Always remember you have lots of people who care about you, they send light and love even if they don't say so....
    Congrats on Beader's Showcase!

  8. Nicole, you know I am sending out peaceful. calming energy to you and hubs over Mya.

    BIG congrats on being featured!!


  9. Congratulations! It's a beautiful bracelet. I really feel for you. I have a 23-yr-old cat, a 13-yr-old dog and am 87-yr-old Mother, all of whom have their good and bad days, and all for whom the days are numbered. Deep breath, and warm thoughts sent your way.

  10. Dear Nicole, thank you for following. Nice jewely you make. I like it.

    One hug,


  11. jewelry. Need to practice my English.

  12. Dear Nichole,
    This bracelet is absolutely STUNNING for sure! Congrats on your feature~well deserved! Much love your way, Laurie


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