Friday, November 5, 2010


Hi Everyone!
A quick not to say hello and to wish all of you a great weekend.
Mike and I got up early... well early for Mike and headed into town. (Eugene) I need some new clothes. Why well because I love shopping and because since I have been home from my brother's in July I have lost 22 pounds. OK so some of that is Weight Watchers and some could be just a weeee bit of stress. LOL I just crack myself up. So new clothes are what I need. I am so upset that most woman's jeans are made of that stretchy material that I simply hate. I hate it in blouses and I really hate it in pants. So no pants today but I did get a few cute shirts. Then off to Gem Fair. Yeahhhhh... I got some awesome cabs, and lots of Swarovski. Got some great deals and well I am a happy girl.
Now it is time to get off of my foot and rest up for a weekend of beading.

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  1. Hey I can see your blog again1 You have a new background, I like it. so you have been on the stress diet, that is not a good one. You aren't fat so don't be losing any more or you will be skinny. I can't go to the Portland Bead bazaar tomorrow so i might just have to indulge in some online shopping.

  2. I could not read you post unless I highlighted it.
    I wish stress made me loos weight, I eat more.
    How is your foot doing?
    Have a great weekend Nicole!!

  3. I love shopping,too(like every woman).It makes me happy:)I wish You sunny weekend!

  4. Congrats on the weight loss! I bet you have lots more energy to bead shop!

  5. Oh yeah well you crack me up too! LOL
    Shopping is always good!


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