Friday, November 12, 2010


Hi Everyone!
Boy has it been a strange week. Busy busy busy. I am trying not to complain about all the pain in my foot/feet, legs, and head but OMG with the weather turning colder, wetter, windier, foggier, and well just overall winter my body is just screaming at me. I know that some of you are feeling the same effects. Hope all of you have what you need to deal with winter ailments.
With that said, about my feet, it saddens me that I have to wear supportive shoes, and now my ever new fashion of the big black medical boot. Why?  Because I am a SHOE MONGOR, HAVE A SHOE FETTISH, AT ONE TIME WOULD BUY SHOES OVER BEADS...... omg!!!! I had a wall in my studio, floor to ceiling with cards, pictures, and drawings of shoes. The new styles today simply thrill me. If I could wear them I would buy ALL of them. So when I found this site today I was excited, laughing, wondering and amazed at this designer. Kobi Levi has a great eye and sense of humor and yes style as well. Check these photos and then go see all the other shoes.

These are just a taste of what he has posted.

 I love these gum shoes!!!

I would love to try these on

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  1. Those are some shoes. I wouldn't be able to walk in them, I never got a handle of heels. I'm sorry your foot is so bad and the weather is flaring things up. I've been in a cast now for 3 weeks and another 3 still to go. You're right, it sucks, but you have such a good mindset about it all.

  2. LOL those are some wacky shoes and yes I could so totally see you wearing them!


  3. Hi Nicole. I know what you mean about the body adapting to the cold. Mine never does, I have to feel the pain as usual. I love those shoes, totally awesome. Of course I'd never wear them but would love to do a painting and decoupage these shoes. I've got to go see his other shoes. Thanks for sharing. Take care and have a great weekend and take care of yourself, bundle up.

  4. Those shoes are really funny! Great post!
    BTW, if you have a minute, come over to my blog and have a look at my first "homemade" arrows.


  5. I love those bubblegum boots! This is a great post, as I type with frozen fingers, hope you feel warmer by the minute! Thanks so much for sharing and I absolutely LOVE your blog! Sharing!! Come on in and visit my blog too, ok!

  6. I love a pretty pair of shoes but these are NOT something I would wear, EVEN if I could LOL.

    that one with the pink heel especially do you see the angle? you would be leaning forward, fighting against your own low back. Bad news!

    Hey I have one of those BIG frankenstein boots (as I call them) for when I had really bad plantar fascitis.

    Now I just need GOOD supportive sneakers. I am supposed to buy them from a real supplier so i can ask for the nest step up in support (because of my knees and my back) but i really can't afford those...I mean I guess i could if I wanted to.....hmmm maybe I should

    I do have nice pair of black sketchers what i would call trouser shoes, with a slight heel, but I only wear them occasionally, and I have a pair of Birkenstocks that I love, wish they made shoes with backs, and I'd soo love it if them made boots.

    Back in the day, I had all kind of great shoes, candies, aiegne (how ever it spelled) but that was a long time ago, a lifetime ago.

    Hope you feel better soon miss Nicole, I am right there with you, the knees especially the NOT replaced one have been really bad lately.

  7. I'm with you, love the new styles of shoes, who wouldn't! I do hope you feel better soon and enjoy the coming holidays!

  8. These shoes are amazing;I love "miao"and "dog"shoes:)Very interesting ideas!


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