Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hi Everyone!
Just taking a quick break. I have two items finished today and my third is almost done. Just wanted to share the red with you.

Simple and elegant. Part of my Elegant Punk series.

 No Miss Skully is NOT the only thing I bead these days. LOL Just have lots of art galleries to fill. And Miss Skully is selling. Hurraayyy..
Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Nicole, I LOVE your Elegant Punk necklace...the contrast of the delicate rose and the gunmetal chain is fantastic, you've captured the theme perfectly! I'm not at all surprised that Miss Skully is selling, she is just perfect for Halloween ;-)

  2. I love them! They are so so so so so so so so so...need I say adorable!!! Miss Skully especially! I love what you come up with! Very inspiring!

    Luffs~Shelby <3

    (btw I am Kristen's daughter if you were wondering)

  3. Hi Nicole. I love that necklace, great work! You do such wonderful work. Take care.

  4. i love the rose necklace and the skull cuff is stunning. Sara x:o)

  5. Ist ja mal ganz was Cooles! Crazy Work! I love it!

  6. I can see why Ms. Skully is selling. You gave her a great treatment, and it's the season for her sort. Fantastic!!!

  7. Very nice job on both of these! I like the contrast in the elegant punk piece--I'm sure these will be as popular as Ms. Skully!

    Btw, if you get a chance I posted about the brooch kit.

  8. Selling is good. We love Ms. Skelly.
    Have a great week Nicole!!
    Love and hugs.

  9. Gorgeous Nicole..Hmmm I am working on a Ms skully right now...Its my first flatwork piece...I can see by comparison I need lots more practice.LOL!

  10. W O W!!!!
    Miss Skully is great;)


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