Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hi Everyone!
Wowowowow it is a whirl wind in my house hold. I am sooooooooooo busy with bead stuff that I really need to stop and see where my priorities are. Yesterday I picked up another store. Hurrraaayyy they pay up front. It really amazes me at the change in selling. This is the first year in 45 that I have ever had to do consignment, even with art galleries and museums, and I really hate it! Anyway my blogging has slowed way down. I apologize to all of my followers and to those I follow. I will get to all of your blogs and comment ASAP! Today come heck or high water I will be listing some really cool items in my Beadwright Etsy store so be sure to check them out this evening. I am ready for my night out for Oct 30th. No one really got my costume so I will pull a name out of the cyber hat to see who wins the Miss Skully Cab.
Yes I will take lots of photos for you. I won't however, be wearing this costume for the kids. It is way to scary.
Well I am off to bead, take photos, do some sculpture, and somewhere in all of that go to the store.....hmmm I think Mike can do that one.

Have a great day everyone!!

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. Nicole, congrats on the new store, and on being so busy doing what you truly love and have such a talent for! That's awesome, honey!!! :-)

  2. Congrats on your new store! And it is always a grand time when you are busy doing what you love.


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