Saturday, October 16, 2010


Hi Everyone!

I don't know where my days have gone. Too many things happening and not near enough hours in a day for me. LOL
I do want to introduce all of you to a great guy. His name is Ron and I met him at the Sage Gallery event in Bandon, OR. He is a friend of the arts. On his own time and dime he travels the South Coast of OR. taking photos, meeting artists, writing about the arts and artist. He is just getting his blog started and if you live in this area and want to know what is going on you have to follow this amazing. Man. Now I asked Ron for a photo of himself and he told me he stays behind the camera not in front of it. LOL sounds like a lot of us. :) Anyway I asked Ron a few questions and here are his answers. He has a great sense of humor and is a big teddy bear of a man. I hope you take a few minutes to visit Ron at his blog and be sure to tell him Nicole sent you.

A bit about Ron;
I write a blog covering art and art events on the South Coast. (Oregon) I moved from Dallas, Texas in 2006 and began volunteering at the Coos Art Museum. Things are so different here on the coast, the whole community is art involved. In Dallas only the ultra rich work in the arts. The Dallas Museum of Art has a fantastic collection and is located in a convenient area, but so few outside the community of wealth attend its functions.
After working at the Museum for a year I joined the local art association and became their newsletter editor. I enjoyed writing the newsletter so after I left the organization I started the blog. I wanted to write about all of the art on the South Coast. I am not an art critic, I see my job as being the art cheerleader for the artists of the South Coast.

Do you create art in any form?

Yes, I write and I am a photographer. I do "found art" photography. Finding everyday things which strike me with their visual power or humor. I also do digitally manipulated photography. I take an ordinary photograph and using photo editing software create something different and hopefully exciting. I have several pieces in the current Coos Art Museum Biennial show. I have other literary pieces in the Artist and Writers Exchange at the Southern Coos Hospital in Bandon.

What interests do you have living on the South Coast?

I have so many and so little time that my efforts are scattered and I wish I could focus more on what's important. That is really what the blog is about, promoting art and artists.
I work two days a week at the Coos Art Museum and I write and in my spare time I do all of the tasks necessary to keep real life flowing. I do not understand people who say they are bored and can't find anything to do. (They're probably the same people who couldn't find anyone to date.)

I spent some time with Ron at the Sage Gallery and he had me laughing the whole time. Check his blog and last weeks post. He got some great shots of me and the Florence Bad Bead girls.

Everyone have a great weekend.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art

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