Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hi Everyone!
Today looks like the sun might shine here. Hurrraayyy.
I want to tell you a quick story of how I met so many incredible beading people here in Florence so quickly. When we first moved here I spent most of my time caring for my mom. She had kidney cancer and she was caring for my grandma. Sooooo a few months later I received and order for my BeadBacking from a long time customer. When she saw my new address she emailed me and telling me she lived just up the road and to meet her at the local bead store. I did. This lady called all the bead people in town to have a meet with me. It was so nice and I immediately felt at home here. There was one lady there that well, we just seemed to click together and we have been good friends since. You may know her from the articles in Stringing Magazine and the classes she teaches on the Coast and at Bead n Button. Her name is Kelly Angeley and even though she is my daughter's age we are like two pees in a pod. OMG does that make us pod people??? LOL
Anyway.....I am so proud that Kelly won second place at the Sage Gallery Adornment competition. Hurrraayyy Kelly!!!! The exhibit is absolutely beautiful and so well displayed. There were hundreds of entries from OR coast artists. Some of the finest art I have seen in all types of categories. I mentioned in an earlier post that another good friend or mine and Kelly's, Denise Sanders also had an entry. 
We were lucky that Ron, a local photographer was taking pictures. He sent this one to me last night so I thought I would share. Me, Denise, and Kelly. Part of the Florence Bad Bead Girls.
Again Congratulations Kelly!  Visit Kelly at her blog and be sure to tell her Nicole sent you. 
Have a great day everyone.

 I am chuckling at this photo. It took a few minutes for the photo to take and the three of us have half baked smiles on our faces.

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. How cool is that! I really like pod people so that's especially cool!

    Hugs and Blessings

  2. Nicole!! You look great!! Positively glowing.

    Nice Post!!

  3. Great pictures Nicole and it looks like a really fun time was had. You Florence Bad Bead Girls rock!! Nice post. Have a great rest of the day.

  4. You 3 look more like the Bodacious Bead Babes! How can you look so good after all the pain you have been in recently? I'm glad for you in this.


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