Saturday, May 29, 2010


Hello Everyone!
I did sleep like a rock and had a difficult time getting up this morning. However, I have coffee in hand and a list of mega things to do. Thanks for the happy things left in comments on my last post. Love them. While I was away the mail brought me some very nice things. Yessss beads!
I will try to photograph them and get them posted today. One package is from the very excellent bead artist I know as Juls. Here is a sneak peak of her work. I also received my stash from I can't wait to get started on my summer project for them. Now while I was in Sacramento, my daughter flew in for a week to help us out. One day while Vince was with my Nephew, mom, April, and I spotted a health food store and ohhhh geeee U Bead It is right next store. Yes, I have been there many times before. LOL Couldn't stay long but I did get some colors I didn't have. For me there is nothing like beads to make my heart sing a happy song.
Everyone have a great day full of love and laughter

Honor and Integrity in Life in Art


  1. ...and you to Nicole. I hope your brother is doing better. Have fun with your beads and enjoy Memorial Day weekend. Take care.

  2. glad you made it home ok...we are all still keeping you and yours in our hearts and prayers. hope you start feeling better soon sweetie. i am feeling some what human again and looking forward to a family outing tomorrow. have a wonderful restful weekend!

  3. Glad you've had a good rest and are feeling perkier than when you last posted!

    I'm not sure I should thank you for the link to Juls website. I needed aN EXQUISITE bead that I will never use except to look at LOL.

  4. glad you are feeling have been through a lot. sending happiness and a hug your way....


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