Friday, May 28, 2010


Hi Everyone!

I am home, beyond tired, but home. I flew in yesterday and slept 19 hours. I think I can sleep another 19 with no problems. LOL!
I want to thank each and everyone of you for the prayers, energy of light, good wishes, and all the love sent to me and my family. Vince is still alive, although I don't know how or why. He is having surgery tomorrow. My mom, who is completely spent from all of this, and my other brother Steve are still in CA. They will leave Sunday. I had to leave early due to that stupid lupus. After recovery from surgery Vince will be sent to a rehab home for up to 100 days. It is out of our hands and so now I have to heal myself.
I can't speak much more on it only because it brings on the stress and drains my health. So I am only speaking of good and happy things. Sharing only good and a happy thoughts. Now let's get that started make a comment on a happy thing happening in your life.
OH one more thing before I close. I sure did get use to that sunny warm CA. weather.
Hugs and love to all of you.

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  1. It is such a relief to know that you are home safely, Nicole. Now it is time to heal yourself, as you said. Go and sleep another 19 will only do you good :-)

    Vince is a fighter, and I hope that his surgery is a huge success tomorrow...he will be in my thoughts, as always.


  2. Glad all is ok for now. You sound positive.

  3. Good to have you home. Hope you will feel physically better soon.

  4. You can rest knowing that you cared for Vince in a way that few people can.

  5. It's good you're home and able to relax and work on your own well-being (we're no good to anyone else, if we're sick ourselves!).

    Hope you have a lovely, restful, peaceful weekend.

    I'll keep your brother in my thoughts today...and send him well wishes for a successful surgery.

  6. Glad you have made it home. Have a beautiful holiday weekend.

  7. Let's see Happy thoughts just for you.... Well I am taking my first offical beading class today! I am very excited. This is all in prep for someday making one of you layered kits of course :) Happy Day to you !

  8. Glad you're back home safe. And here are my happy things from this week: I had a little creative beading/knitting session with a life-long friend (we met as babies) on Thursday. Can't tell anymore, but meeting each other just makes us happy. And yesterday I gardened all day to make the tomatoes, cucumbers and beans grow. Can't beat fresh homegrown vegetables! :-)

  9. Hurrraayyyy a first beading class. How fun is that??? I love new students. Meeting with old friends always makes for happy times. Thanks everyone for your support and love. That makes me happy!!!!

  10. Continue to feel better, Nicole!! I think about you and Vince often. I don't know about the sunny and warm California weather. This is the weirdest May in a long time. It's been cool and rainy! I live near Sacto. I do have to say that I appreciate this weather so much more than 102 degrees though.

  11. Nicole,

    I am sending healing energy your way to use as you see fit.\



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