Friday, April 2, 2010


Hi Everyone!
WE WILL NOT BE GOING TO EUGENE TODAY. We are in the middle of a storm from hell. I guess I better get off the computer. Wind from the angry wind gods and rain from I just don't know where.
I am going for cover.

Bead with Honor and Integrity


  1. Hi safe Sweetie! I'll say a prayer for you.
    Hugs and happy beading...

  2. It's snowing here! The hummingbirds are buzzing around like crazy, I should get a photo.

    Hey, I'm the Janet who ordered the beads on etsy from you, I'll look forward to getting them but what with the weather, I'll understand if they don't get out today. You take care, sorry you can't go to Eugene.

  3. Hey Jan. Yes I know you are the Jan who ordered from me. I think we will be able to get your order out today. We live just around the corner from the P.O. OMG snow!!! I do not envy you.

  4. This winter has been something else! We also had quite a storm system come through Florida a few days ago, dumped a few inches of rain and flooded a lot of areas. Hope this spring and summer will be beautiful to make up for all the frost and bad weather of winter.

    Your creations are just gorgeous and since I am a beader, of sorts, I can truly appreciate the time that all of the seed bead work takes and have to laugh when folks raise their eyebrows and say; "Wow did you see the price tag on that?" If they had any idea of the time and patience it took they'd be saying that it wasn't nearly enough money. LOL

  5. Hi Nicole. Sorry you aren't going to Eugene after all. I'm sure you'll enjoy your holiday weekend though. I hope your brother is doing better. Take care. Happy Easter weekend.

  6. I thought of you in Florence today when the news reports came in about the storm. I would imagine there's lots of limbs down across the highway to Eugene but hopefully you can still go yet this weekend. Hope you stay safe!

  7. Doesn't sound good Nicole... stay safe.


  8. Stay warm and dry, sweetie! And have a safe and creative weekend.


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