Saturday, April 3, 2010


Hi Everyone!

Well, last night was pretty thrilling with the storms. We experienced every type of weather except snow. However, it was snowing not too far from us. The hail hit late last night and in a minutes the streets and yards were completely covered white. My poor truck got plummeted. We only have room for my car in the garage. LOL. So far this morning it has been raining. Living on the Oregon coast....... sighhhhh.....

With all of that said I woke up to the most wonderful surprise. Ruthie over at Rose Works Jewelry emailed me to say that I won a $20.oo gift certificate from her etsy or artfire stores. Wowowowow!!!! I am so happily surprised. If you don't know Ruthie then you better head over to see who she is. A truly wonderful lady. Thank you Ruthie

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  1. Aww - thank you so much for the great shout out :) Where are you on the Oregon Coast? We're up in Vancouver, WA and we had some pretty crazy weather yesterday too. There were branches down everywhere!

  2. Hi Nicole, oh my goodness, it hailed that bad, geezzz...your poor truck! Now, I want you to know that I hope your weather gets better, but...pleaseeeee don't send it my way. lol Actually here in Ohio it's been just beautiful for two days now, trust me, that's not the way it's been. We've had snow up to our eyeballs and rain oh my gosh the rain we've had!
    Wowwwwwwww Congrats to you for your winning from Ruthie at Rose Works Jewelry, a $20.oo gift certificate from her Etsy or Artfire shops. How awesome is that! Happy shopping!
    I hope that you have a great Saturday and a very wonderful and Happy Easter!
    Hugs and happy beading...

  3. OMG, we are beginning our bad weather in Ohio & I dread the thought of hail. Hope your truck didn't get pitted. But you did get a wonderful surprise. How's your brother? Better??

  4. Congrats on winning a certificate. Yay, time to spend money.:D It's been cold over here and slight rain for today and tomorrow. I hope your storm lets up. Take care. Have a good Easter.

  5. Congratulations to you! Sorry to hear about the harsh weather. I hope that the weather will be calm tomorrow so you can enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend. :) Theresa

  6. Congratulations on your win! I'll bet it will be hard to limit yourself to $20. We are having rain, wind, hail, snow, more rain, with peeks of sun thrown in every now and then. Oh and I can't forget the thunderstorm! Sheesh! You stay safe, sorry you had to miss your Eugene trip.

  7. Ooh, how to spend! Have fun :-) Sorry about your poor truck :-( We had the worst storm in Perth's history pass through the other week...hundreds of millions of $$$ worth of damage. We were unscathed though, the storm missed us! I hope the sun comes out for you today...I'm sending you some sunshine :-)



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