Wednesday, September 20, 2023


 Hi Everyone!
Today is TADD with Rain. Her theme this week is, Smoke, I do have the option NOT to do the theme and I am taking that option. LOL
I've been doing a bit of baking. First I made one of the best apple crisps. Ya know how some things just turn out perfect? My friend came over for coffee and crisp. Uhhh she had 2 big helpings. She said it was the best crisp she had ever eaten. Now that just makes me feel so good. Between Mr. M. and my friend I got one bite out of this. Uhh that's OK.
Last night I baked a fresh peach cake. I had some crumble left over from the crisp and added it to the top of the cake.
I made this because the peaches were getting too soft.

Mr. M couldn't wait for this to cool off so he got it hot. LOL Cinnamon and peaches how can you go wrong?
From sweets to onions. 
I don't think  I have shown all of the onions I got from my garden this year. I did give a dozen away I have used about a dozen.
The difference in taste from store bought is not even comparable.

Then I grew these scallions from the ends of organic scallions. These are the last 4. Again the taste is amazing.
I dry the root ends to use for hair for dolls and creatures. 

Also, I finally found Mexican Oregano. If you have never used it, please do yourself a favor and try it. It has a different taste than Italian Oregano and is sooo darn good.
I added this to my garden grown eggplant.
They didn't get very big but the flavor is huge.

I wish I had taste-a-vision. LOL

One last thing then I have to run some errands. This Saturday is my show. We have NOT had rain in 4 months. Rare for us. However, it is supposed to rain the rest of this week and Saturday, the day of my show. I am asking EVERYONE, no matter what your belief system is to ask for no rain in Florence, OR. on Saturday the 23rd. 
Spells, prayers, wishes, intentions, chants, what ever you do, I accept them all. 
Thank you so much.

Wishing everyone a great day today.


Tom said...

...send the rain our way.

Rita said...

You almost do have smell-o-vision and taste-o-vision because I could almost smell and taste these wonderful treats.
I hope your show goes well and even if it does rain that it won't keep people away. :)

Debra She Who Seeks said...

What beautiful garden produce! And your baking looks yum too. I made an apple crisp last weekend too and shared most of it with friends (to save me from myself, lol). MAY THERE BE NO RAIN ON SATURDAY IN FLORENCE, OR AREA!

Salty Pumpkin Studio said...

Have a good show!
Prayers for moderate rain before and after the 23rd

As soon as I saw your eggplants, ratatouille enter my mind. I'll be making it for for dinner tonight. :)

Your crisp looks delicious as well.

Gene Black said...

Yes yes yes to Mexican Oregano. I love it. (I also got a laugh from the brand name "El Guapo" "the handsome"

Here is to a RainFree Saturday the 23rd for your show!

roentare said...

This is crazy that you have not received rain for 4 months! The organic food preparation is very exciting to see here

My name is Erika. said...

Your onions and scallions look amazing. And you're lucky to get eggplant. I had beautiful plants, a couple of flowers but not 1 eggplant. :(

Christine said...

The baking looks good! So does the garden produce!

Iris Flavia said...

Interesting with the onions and I look forward to see the "hair" :-)
Sadly I never saw Mexican Oregano here.
Fingers, toes and what I can is crossed for no rain on your show! Send it over here, too, clouds are already in position, the forecast says.

David M. Gascoigne, said...

We use oregano quite a bit, so I will look for the Mexican version. I had never heard of it.

carol l mckenna said...

It all looks wonderful ~ yummy ~ even the scallions (green onions)

Wishing you good health, laughter, and love in your days,
A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

Jeanie said...

During Covid isolation I was growing scallions from scallions. It was fun -- I should do it again. I don't know Mexican oregano but my Italian neighbor tells me Italian oregano is entirely different. The cobbler looks great!

Gillena Cox said...

We had a rain tease yesterday. Its back to scorching hot today.
Thanks for dropping by my blog.


Mae Travels said...

Your baking looks great! I made my favorite peach cake recipe this week, and we ate it quickly. (I also use that recipe to make plum or apple cake).

I wish you the best of luck with the sale!

best, mae at

Fundy Blue said...

My mouth is watering at the sight of your delicious crisp and cake, Nicole! I have a sweet tooth, and I would love to dig into both! All the Gardners in my family swear that home-grown produce can't be beat. Somewhere in the multiverse another Louise has a gorgeous, flourishing garden. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. I will pray for sunshine for you tomorrow. Good luck with your show!

Rostrose said...

Dear Nicole, is there no FFO today because of your show on Saturday? Or am I confusing something? Or should I take last week's FFO? I'll try that. Anyway, I hope you are well and thank you for visiting my blog. On this occasion you already saw the face that I would like to link to you at the next opportunity, namely the face mural. And then there are the heads on the door posts, for example.
It's wonderful that you were able to harvest so much. Onions are always good and healthy. A fun idea that you use the root ends for hair for dolls and creatures. As a child I used the corn hairs as Barbie wigs ;-DD I'll eat a piece of your cake, okay?! ;-D
All the best, Traude
🌺🪶🍂 🪶🌺

Lowcarb team member said...

Your garden produce looks good, especially the organic scallions.

All the best Jan

Andrea @ From The Sol said...

Wow .... no rain for four months. That's scary :( Your garden, however, seems to have thrived on dry or were you having to water it regularly? In any case, I love apple crisp and made some recently that I bought at Trader Joes ... it was good, but I am guessing that your version would blow it away. So it is already Tuesday and I am still trying to do my comments. Unfortunately, I won't be able to wish you "no rain on the 23rd" in time to stop it and something tells me it wouldn't matter. I am sure your show will go well in spite of any rain. I am sorry you live so far away that I can't get a bite of you Apple crisp and also attend you show. I am confident it was a big success rain or no. Be well Nicole ...

Andrea @ From the Sol