Monday, August 14, 2023

T Stands for I must be out of my mind

 Hi Everyone!
My title says it all. Along with feeling like crap, having not one but 2 teeth extracted I have signed up for the city wide garage sale and then my show 2 weeks later. Yes, I must be out of my mind. I have mentioned before that lupus is very hard on teeth and bone. I'm lucky to have kept my teeth to old age. Now, it's all about dentures. 
Hey it is what it is. 
Put all that aside. I scored yesterday with my favorite things.

 I've already started on these.

 and this one.

 I can't wait to get started on her. I think I'll burn her. hee hee hee

 Something good carrot cake from carrots I grew.

Mr. M. picked these last evening and is now picking more. He asked for blackberry jam.

 We have now caught up with the rest of the country as far as a heat wave. Today it is 90°F  in the shade. It is NEVER this hot here. I love it!

 I'm linking up with 
Bleubeard and Elizabeth for the Tuesday T-Party. In order to get in I must show a dring. As hot at it is today I'm drining 
Orange Mango ICE OMG good. 
Hope everyone is have a good day.


roentare said...

July in Lunar calendar in Asia is considered as the ghost month where the door of hell opens and spirits roam around the human world causing havoc. So usually shit hits the fan. I had a lot of crap happening lately too.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I hope you heal quickly from your extractions so they don't interfere with your upcoming sale events!

Tom said...

...I love carrot cake.

Rita said...

I'd absolutely pass on the 90 degree weather. The cold drink looks perfect for it though. :)

Iris Flavia said...

Oh. It hurts reading along.
Ingo has also problems with his teeth. Doc last week asked when I´ll show up (am "due" since March).
To skulls rather!
And to summer-temps. Here it´s really dark. My "sunny day off"...
Orange Mango sounds good! I go for Piña Colada despite or because of the weather! Ha! Happy T-Day and stay strong - so much up in your place!

Mae Travels said...

Dental problems are really terrible! (I was going to say they're THE worst, but it's dangerous to think anything is THE WORST. There is always something else, I don't mess with the Evil Eye.)

I hope you recover quickly and adjust to your new situation. On top of teeth, I can't believe you have made so many commitments to your sale and show. I hope it all goes well.
best, mae at

J said...

I hope your extractions go well, I thought I needed a tooth out but the dentist said not, I was very relieved, haha
Happy T Day Jan S

nwilliams6 said...

Carrot cake, skeleton fun, fresh berries, and mango Ice drink - you hit some of my favorite things! So glad you found all the skeleton stuff to play with. New goodies is always fun!

Sorry about your teeth but love your attitude about them.

I hope you have the best time at the garage sale and show. I just feel that you will be in your element at them and energized by the sales and admiration. Plus the money (smile). Happy T-day and hugz

David M. Gascoigne, said...

Having two teeth extracted sounds quite awful. Good luck with your sales. And please keep that ninety degree weather and don’t send it here!

Gene Black said...

You are going to have a lot for your sale. I, also, hope that your extractions so that you can enjoy the both sales.

Rostrose said...

Dear Nicole,
yes, teeth always cause problems - when you get them, when you have them, when you lose them again and even when there aren't any left ;-)
You show wonderfully weird works of art again and fine food and drink. I would love to eat such a carrot cake now, it looks extremely yummy! On the other hand, I don't need 90°F (but we have it - almost - again at the moment)...
All the best from Austria!

Valerie-Jael said...

I know all about Lupus, too, and my teeth are getting less and less, too - I hate all these dental procedures i need to go through. I hope you have fun with your new skulls and bones! And carrot cake and blackberry jam both sound delicious! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

Giorgio said...

I love your skulls, Nicole! And I wouldn't mind a slice of that carrot cake :-)

Divers and Sundry said...

I know Lupus is hard (I had a neighbor once who had it), but I didn't realize it was particularly bad on teeth and bones. Bummer :(

The carrot cake looks tasty. Blackberries! I grew up with a backyard full of them but now have to buy them in those tiny produce containers. They are sooo good! We're having an unusually cool day today with a high only around 80. I feel Autumn coming on lol The orange mango drink looks refreshing. Happy T Tuesday

jinxxxygirl said...

Hi Nicole!!! OOOooo so much to play with! I KNOW your enjoying yourself! Making a carrot cake from carrots your grew must be a wonderful feeling.. Every Summer when i spent my Summer vacation with my Grandparents in Florida when i arrived there it was blackberry picking time! Happy happy T day Nicole! My daughter likes that ICE drink .. me not so much... But it LOOKS delish! Hugs! deb

My name is Erika. said...

That's a great stash. Isn't it fun to get a bundle of toys ANd that's a lot of blackberries. Nice! And making carrot cake from your own carrots. That's a double win. And it looks good too. I hope you're having a great T day. hugs-Erika

Kate Yetter said...

Sorry to hear about your difficult recovery after your tooth extraction. The carrot cake looks delicious as does the blackberries. Looking forward to hearing how your events go.
Happy Tea Day,

Lisca said...

Feeling crap and having to do lots of things is hard, but it will also take your mind off things. The weather is lovely too so stay positive. (I hope your extractions have healed by now).
Fun skulls.
Happy T-Day,

Lowcarb team member said...

Sending healing wishes after your teeth extractions.
Your carrot cake looks good.

All the best Jan

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry I am late visiting. I spent time in an ice bath trying to help my back I hurt during the neighborhood clean up. Even though I bent with my knees, I felt something go when I stood up. Sorry to read about your teeth extractions, too. I can understand perfectly.

Had to laugh. Your skulls are as important to you as postage stamps are to me. I look forward to seeing what you do with these.

Carrot cake, berries, and Ice. What fun now that summer has truly caught up to you. Thanks for sharing these and your Ice with us for T this Tuesday, dear Nicole.

CJ Kennedy said...

I hope you're feeling better. Your Halloween things made me smile and I laughed with the I think I'll burn her. 😺Those sparkling water drinks are soo good. Happy T Day

Debra said...

I hope you make some time to relax-it sounds like you have a lot going on. I think we have your usual weather-it's been fairly rainy here with cooler temps. I miss the sunshine!