Wednesday, May 18, 2022

TAD with RAin

 Hello Everyone!

Today is TAD with Rain. Her theme is May flowers, pollination and birds. We now have the option not to follow the theme and that's good because I got nothin' for the theme. LOL
What I do have are the first plantings in my big garden. We had one day of sunshine and I took full advantage of it.

 The first thing planted in the big garden. Dill.

 This side has herbs, peas and black beans.

 This side has 2 kinds of onion, celery, carrots radish. I still have room for beats and something else I can't remember right now. Fly netting over the plants.

 I put wire fencing for the beans and peas to grow up on. The green cups over the plants is to protect against the wind.

 Last year I got flower seeds at the $ store called flower rocket. Last week I got herb rocket. The flowers did very well so I am hoping for the same with the herbs.

 It comes in a roll of seeds. You can lay it out flat or even cut it in half.

 Make a hole large enough for the roll to fit into

 Cover it up and water and wait.


I did make a covering for the rain and wind. The 2 totes in front are full of rain water.

 On the back row I planted another container of peas and 2 of beans.

One of my plants that is blooming is my Pork n Bean plant.

 Why grow beans? If you can grow beans you have life sustaining food that will last up to 10 years.

Elizabeth mentioned to me that when she captured rain water she had a breeding area for mosquitoes. This is true. So any water container needs to be covered. Also every state in the US has different laws about capturing water. Here in OR. you can only take what comes off your roof. Some states it is against the law in any manner. This is, partly, due to the earths water table which was reduced when farmers were no longer allowed to flood irrigate crops. 

Here is a normal rainy day for me.
I should have said, "My driveway is flooding again. LOL


  1. ...I wish that I could send you some nice weather!

  2. That is a lot of rain. Great gardening you do.

  3. Hi Nicole!
    I envy your vegetable garden. I so like to eat them🤪 You babe to work there a lot...that I don't envy 😉I have a weak bag.
    Thanks for comments, I will participated your face challenge. I hope Your box accept me. I wonder where the reason is. I got solved commenting broblems by accepting all cookies. The advice is from Google. They have changed something with comments. My browser is chrome, wats yours ?
    Have a nice day my friend 🍀🌱🤩

  4. You do well with all your home grown food, I hope you get a great harvest. Valerie

  5. I'm so glad you mentioned the water law in KS. I checked and I can collect water "primarily used for the household, watering livestock on pasture, or watering up to two acres of lawn and gardens." Got this information from at department of agriculture.

    Got this from World Water Reserve:

    "The short answer is that rainwater harvesting is not illegal on a federal level.

    The longer answer is: Water laws are handled on the state level and should be inquired upon with local legislatures."

    This was all new to me and I'm glad you gave me a starting point, Nicole.

    Be sure to watch your dill daily. Once the swallowtail caterpillars find it, they will have it gone in less than two days. That's why I always plant extra. You may have to stake it if you plan to allow it to go to seed. Unlike basil and some other plants, dill can go to seed and not affect the taste or efficacy of the dill weed.

    I am afraid I won't be able to join Face Off Friday tomorrow. I have nothing to offer this week and have a huge blog post I'm working on relating to my herbs. I'll definitley try next Friday, though.

  6. Rain's theme should be an easy one this week. Point a camera outside and you're almost certain to come up with something that fits the bill!

  7. Glad to see the pictures of your garden on a sunny morning, Nicole :-)
    The green cups can protect against the wind, that's right. But I don't know whether the sun reflects or transmits light at different wavelengths through the plastic, and consequently the temperature may become too hot inside the cup. Last year, in late Spring, I damaged many small pepper plants with plastic cups. Maybe here on the 42nd parallel Spring is warmer than there in Oregon.
    You've also planted celery and onions ... Congrats on your planting! I would have never thought of different laws about capturing water.
    Enjoy the rest of this week, Nicole :-)

  8. Giorgio, thanks for your comment. The green cups only stay on during the hard wind and yes it is cold here. Right now it is only 40°F with a cold breeze off the Pacific ocean. LOL I would love some hot days.

  9. What an interesting name 'pork an beans'
    Happy Thursday Nicole


  10. What an interesting name. 'Pork an beans'

    Happy Gardening Nicole


  11. The garden is looking great. I've never seen seeds all wrapped up like that, but I have bought carrot tape before. I will be watching for the results. I need to get my veggies started but they say don't plant before Memorial (or don't plant temperature sensitive veggies) because we could get frost-even if this weekend it is going to hit 90 again. I don't know what our rainwater rule is here in New Hampshire, but they do turn into mosquito habitat. I usually empty what I can, but until the vernal pool next to the house dries out, I'm not sure that makes much of a difference. hugs-Erika

  12. Boa tarde minha querida amiga Nicole. Espero que o seu jardim cresça saudável.

  13. We've had a mix of weather recently, but no flooding driveways ...
    Take care.

    All the best Jan

  14. We had much needed rain like that last night, it's been a very dry Spring here.
    Your garden is looking great Nicole, you've been very busy.

  15. What a terrific garden you have started ~ I can't wait to see what the seeds from the $1 store do! The pork and bean plant looks very happy already ~ Enjoy!

  16. Your garden looks like it's off to a great start, Nicole! May it produce bountiful produce. In Colorado residents can now collect water in rain barrels: a maximum of two barrels with a combined capacity of 110 gallons. Prior to changing the law in 2016, rain harvesting was banned for a long time. We're in a severe drought and have had little rain. Yesterday it was 88º F, and this morning we're in a winter storm warning. It's been snow flurrying in bands all morning, but snow is not accumulating on the ground yet because the ground is too warm. I'd take your driveway flooding for a few hours! I've been trying to incorporate more beans into our diet. Terry is not crazy about them, but I keep reminding him how nutritious they are. I hope you harvest lots of beans. They are staples in all my family's gardens. Thanks for sharing!

  17. If you are like us (in Illinois) you have had more than enough rain to last awhile. I don't collect water, but we did at the Raptor Rehab facility I volunteered at. The staff had a garden where they grew vegetables to give to the poor families in the area. So, I haven't looked up what the rules are here yet ... I will and will probably let you know next week. Meanwhile your garden is awesome. We just got our vegies in last weekend because it was too wet to plant before that. My DIL plants all kinds of hot peppers for her Thai food and she also plants Thai Cucumbers that are almost as big an elongated pumpkins and they are sweeter than our cucumbers. At this point I spend most of my effort on flower gardens around the yard. I used to plant veggies, corn, Tomato's, spinach green beans, herbs, etc. ... but not so much any more. Now, if I had a raised garden like yours, I might just give it a try. So good for you, Nicole ... gardening is great exercise and fresh vegies are good for your health :) You can keep us posted as the garden grows, right?

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  18. what an inspiration you are dear Nichole :)
    your big garden makes my heart bloom like a flower and it reminds me the garden my mom used to grow in her front yard .

    so many plantation wow i am so impressed with your love for gardening and how nicely you can maintain them with all cautions :)
    my heartfelt best wishes for your future harvest !

    thank you for uplifting glimpse i loved it thoroughly .

    we are starving for the rain and here you have plenty of it .wishing you nice weather in days ahead .hugs and blessings!

  19. I've never heard of the "rocket" seeds, but it sounds like fun. You have such a good, big garden!

  20. Geez Sis, I was sure I wrote a comment here! My comments are disappearing all over town lol...well, the raised beds look amazing! And I'm very curious about your herb rocket! Btw, some of those 109 onions I planted are starting to pop up!!! ☺