Wednesday, September 22, 2021

TAD a Sad Day for Rain

This is a sad day for Rain. She had to put her beautiful dog Marlene down. So head over there to cheer her up any way you can. Even in her heat break she is holding her TAD and the theme is sculpture. 
Of course I am shamed into showing old art again. I just have not had time to get into the art room
Most of you know I love creating leather sculpture but I also love creating my little creature. The base is gourd, covered with a paste I make. Eyes are glass, hands are made from ellimorph. The hair is leather. Painted with acrylics.
The is the same as above with real teeth my dentist gave me 
and flower in her leather hair.

Same supplies as the other 2
Be sure to stop by Rain's to see what the other artists have created.
If you don't think the delta variant or covid 19 can hurt you, 
YOU ARE WRONG! Protect yourself and others. Get Vaccinated and wear a MASK! Nicole/DVArtist 
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Marlene was such a lovely dog, very sad indeed. My fave of your gourd sculptures is the one with the big yellow tongue!

  2. Your sculptures are wonderful Nicole!

  3. Always sad to have to let go of a pet.
    Love the one with the real teeth especially! He looks as if he expects you to tell a story :-)

  4. Hey Nicole, at least you have art. I have photos of sculptures other artists made. Your gourd art is unbelievable. Stunning, colorful, and a bit quirky. LOVE it. I was also sorry to read about Marlene.

  5. Oh feel sorry for rain. I had to do it for my dog once and after that never had one.
    Interesting sculpture with real teeth..awh




  7. I think I have seen people who look like that first thing in the morning!

  8. Nicole,

    The painted gourds make the most interesting states. You have such an imagination! The first one seems to be trying to keep loud noise out of its ears. lol What's with the last one giving us a raspberry? Has it no manner? lol That's so funny! Old art is fine to share because sometimes we don't see it the first time around. Have a doodletastic day, darlin'!

    Curious as a Cathy

  9. Fun sculptures Nicole. I love all the colors on them.

  10. So goofy, and creative. I always love your art!

  11. Quite unusual, Nicole... 😏

    But I think I kinda like what I see! 💜💙😉

  12. I like your creatures. Especially the second one showing both a dark and a bright side. As well as colorful. :)

  13. You make me wonder about the teeth I had extracted a couple of years ago. Have they become part of someone's artwork? I was too groggy to ask to keep them for myself. Creepy!

    Your sculpted heads are nice (except the real teeth).

    best... mae at

  14. you are incredibly amazing artist dear Nichole !

    these are so alive and great ,i love each of them :)

    your dentist is very nice .

    blessings to you and loved ones!

  15. Gourd Grief ... you are so creative, I love these curious little faces, especially the one with real teeth. How do you approach a dentist to ask for teeth :) ? You art is always fun and amazing ... Did you give them names? I am with you in grieving along with Rain. Such a sad day when we lose a furbaby. Time will heal, but never replace. I know you are aware so you will stay safe the way the rest of humanity should. Will this ever end??? Be well, Nicole ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  16. Your leather creations are unique ~ Xo

    Living moment by moment,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  17. I love your gourd heads! So colorful :)

  18. Oh my gosh Nicole, your heads are awesome! I love that you have real teeth...when I had a tooth pulled a few years ago, my dentist wouldn't give it to me, he said it's a bio hazard! LOL...made me feel kind of grosse all over ha ha...Thanks so much for mentioning my sweetie Marlene. ♥♥♥♥♥ You've been a wonderful friend during this time. ♥♥♥♥♥