Saturday, May 8, 2021

Garden Saturday

It's Saturday and that means a look at how my garden is progressing. Last year I didn't grow peas this year I am so happy I did. I am learning a lot about how they grow. Did you know, and I am sure some of you do, that they pollinate themselves?
Pea flowers are perfect and self- pollinating. The flowers open early in the morning and do not shut. The anthers shed pollen the night before the flower opens, but this does not reach the stigma until the flower is tripped, usually by the wind. Well wind we have! The rest of the garden is doing well even with the crazy weather on the Oregon coast. Like today it is freezing cold.
Enjoy the photos

 Peas are about 6' tall

 I am so excited!

 I have a row of sunflowers in ground if I can keep the sand watered they should grow.

 Mr. M. and I will get the hoops made for this today.

 You see why I need a third area.

 Everything is growing well

 New herbs just getting started

 The Chamomile is awesome and a baby cabbage

 More herbs.

 Onions and celery


 Butter lettuce for Mr. M.


 More Carrots and peppers

 More Peppers

 The tomatoes are doing great!

 Lettuce and greens a day in the sun


 Too much rain beans undercover

 These have to be covered for night time.

 That's it for today. I hope if you are growing food and flowers that your garden is doing well and if you aren't I encourage you to give it a try. 
Even if you have a small area. 
Be Safe Out There And Still Wear A Mask!
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Boa tarde Nicole. Seu jardim está lindo e maravilhoso, parabéns.

  2. Your garden is coming along great. Enjoy. Anesha

  3. There's nothing I love eating more than raw peas fresh from the pea pod!

  4. ...things are barely growing in my garden.

  5. Your garden is looking fabulous! Nothing like fresh veggies! Valerie

  6. You are SO lucky. I've already lost some of the herbs I bought a couple of weeks ago because it is too cold at night for them to be outside. This is wonderful and everything looks so healthy, too. Keep it up and I will admire your garden and wish for one, too, dear Nicole.

  7. Everything is looking great! Your lettuces are growing like crazy! :)

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  9. It is always interesting what you report and show about your garden. Have a nice Sunday, hug Elke

  10. que bien, que ilusion tiene que dar

  11. Wow about the peas, I never knew!!!
    Hmmm, can I come visit? This all looks soooo good.
    At least it warmed up here. Happy Sunday to you.

  12. yum, yum - nothing better than homegrown veggies

  13. Your green thumb is in full display :) You have so many different kinds of plants, and they all seem to be doing so well!

  14. So green & so beautiful, Nicole! 💚 Your garden sure does look good, girl! 👏🏻

    I've also learned something new today so, thanks for sharin' this post! 🙂

  15. Your garden is looking amazing! Thank you for your so kind words on my art. I love yours too!

  16. That is interesting about the peas! You are doing amazing with your gardening! I'm jealous! LOL! It's cool here too! Big Hugs!

  17. I am so hoping that when my kids move onto my property, they will plant such lovely gardens. They put their house up for sale on Tuesday asking a price to allow for negotiation and on Wednesday it sold for the asking price with no questions asked. Looks like they be her sooner than planned.

  18. What an amazing gardener you are. I’m so impressed. What a joy to harvest your own food🥰

  19. Very informative and beautiful post ! Thanks for joining in Garden Affair.