Saturday, April 3, 2021

Saturday Post

It's a beautiful Saturday morning. I think our tempts will be in the mid 50°F today. As long as the sun is out I am OK with that. It's windy out though and that makes it colder. Something you have to live with on the coast. With all of that said I will be out in the yard today. I have some starter seeds to get into dirt and yard clean up. I will try this year NOT to bore you with my garden. However, bear with me, I am just so excited about growing flowers and food. LOL 
Here is what I have so far.
In the greenhouse.
 I want to encourage any of you that are thinking of buying one of these pop up greenhouses. They are awesome! Mine didn't come with shelves but that's OK. I would highly recommend these. Due to the wind Mr. M. had to really anchor it down but so far so good.


Flowers in pots in the yard.


My 5 buckets of potatoes.


Flowers lined up by the deck and GH. Also beans and herbs on the deck


Carrots just starting to come up.


Peas and Squashes.


Starters, celery, lettuces, radishes.
 Now I am off to the yard. Have a really great day today.
Be Safe Out There And Wear A Mask!
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. What an awesome greenhouse space-enjoy your gardening

  2. Enjoy your growing. Not sure if I will be growing anything this year. Anesha

  3. Have fun with your gardening! Valerie

  4. ...nice setup! I just transplanted my tomatoes into 3" pots and I love the feel of the potting soil.

  5. Enjoy your gardening and happy growing :)

    All the best Jan

  6. I hope you will keep posting about your garden. I love seeing it and hearing about what you're doing. The greenhouse is beautiful.

  7. Oh, wow! You do have a lot going on. Planting some peas in containers later today.

  8. Mind you, we do live in a place with a "garden" - and a neighbor who hates all we do - we have a little balcony, he has not.
    We have satellite TV - he has not, he tries to take everything away and he would take such a beautiful house, despite NO ONE uses the space.
    (really, when other neighbors warn you this one will tell you off it´s kindergarten! We "won".)

    You do not bore... please show the progress!!

  9. I'm in awe. I just bought a few seeds and plants yesterday. It's still too cold to let anything outside here yet. So glad you have a good place to grow and seed your plants.

  10. Your pop-up greenhouse looks amazing Nicole, and I love seeing all your plants. I wish I could enjoy gardening! Lol!
    Happy Easter,
    Alison xx

  11. Oh, please, please bore me with your garden lol I love seeing what folks do :)

  12. Easy to see how you love gardening! Marvelous greenhouse, Nicole!
    Happy Easter 🕊

  13. Looking so good! Really is spring your way. :)

  14. Looks like you've been working hard too, Nicole. And, it's showing! 👏🏻🙂

  15. Bom dia Nicole, parabéns ficou maravvilhosa.

  16. Okay I totally want one! That looks so great, what a valuable tool! Nice photos! :)

  17. Looking amazing Nicole! Big Hugs!

  18. Oh ! This is a wonderful setup , I would love to see your harvest. Thanks for joining in Garden Affair.