Monday, April 5, 2021

Movie Monday

Well here it is Monday and I am running late. It was, and still is, so cold this AM I just didn't want to get out of my warm bed. I am hoping that the 31° weather has not hurt my garden. I guess I will see.
I watched several movies this weekend but the one that has stuck with me is the God Father Trilogy. I know most everyone has seen these but it has been many years for me and I see the movie through different eyes. Plus a few of my family members are extras.
I watched this on Showtime.
When the last scene was playing I looked over at Mr. M. and said. "This is truly a sad movie. All the money and power and there is no happiness."
Anyway it was fun to watch again.
Here are a few trailers

Enjoy your day.
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  1. One of the all-time great movie trilogies!

  2. I LOVE that trilogy...and even though there is a lot of hub-bub about the third one, I still love it! My favourite scene is when Andy Garcia is killing Joey Zaza and just says "Za Za"....for some reason I LOVE that scene!!! :) Believe it or not, one time (when I was twenty years younger) a few friends got together with tons of snacks and we watched all three in a row..long movie day but it was awesome!

  3. Glad you like those films. Have a great week! Valerie

  4. Boa tarde Nicole. Parab├ęns pelo seu trabalho excelente.

  5. That was quite the trilogy! I remember when The Godfather came out it was so much more violent at the time than anything people had seen before that some people threw up and many had to leave the theater. I think of that sometimes when you see the violence and gore in the movies today.

  6. My God-daughter works for the Academy and her name is in the editing credits for the God-Father Trilogy. I watched American Crime on Netflix this weekend and it is spell-binding. I wanted to quit but just kept going. Different stories but same actors in all three seasons.

  7. Those films were great, but I agree, sad! Big Hugs!

  8. Nicole,

    That's a cool tidbit that you have several family members in the Godfather movies. We saw those many years ago. I like these sorts of films. I'm not sure why anyone is drawn to gangster movies. There's nothing glorious about that kind of living and it no one should ever feel bullied like the mob made/makes people feel. They are just thugs. Our country sure has a lot of them, too. Nice review.

  9. The husband is on vacation, and I'm behind in my blog visiting. I mean, it's not like we're going anywhere or doing anything lol, but still...

    I've seen these but only once. They'd definitely be worth re-watching.