Saturday, April 24, 2021

Garden Saturday

My nice days are over for the next week. Rain, wind, and more rain and wind. I have my garden secured safely under cover.
However, yesterday I got photos. 
 Peas are tall and thick

 And we have peas, at least the starts

 A little corner of the deck.

 The carrots are doing fine

 Onions in the GH do much better than outside. Last year I couldn't get them to grow very well.

 Tomato seedlings

 A bowl of celery

 Mustard is a fun plant to grow and oh so good

 The Chamomile has doubled in size.

 And the lettuce just keep growing.

The Chocolate Mint is amazing.

 The poly is on and there are beans and peas growing well. This really is straight it's just that front hoop that went in at an angel. It is sturdy.

That's it for my garden today. This week I will be repotting seedlings, rain and wind be damned. LOL

Be Safe Out There And Wear A Mask!
 Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Your garden is doing awesome! Happy weekend

  2. But that's not so wind and rain, but you have everything well secured. Great to see such delicious things in the garden.
    I always like to look at the photos to see what is growing.
    Have fun implementing it and good luck for better weather for it.
    have a beautiful Sunday, hug Elke

  3. ...and my peas are about 2" tall!

  4. My Rare One is growing some tomato seedlings in her living room. They cannot be safely planted outdoors until the May 24 weekend at the earliest (risk of frost).

  5. Your garden is doing amazingly well! Great! Valerie

  6. You make me hungry! Wonderful how that all grows!

  7. Your garden is so cute, Nicole. 🙂 And you've got so many different plants in there, it's amazin'! 👏🏻 I use chamomile and regular mint for tea. 💚

  8. Lookin' good! And such a variety :)

  9. Oi Nicole, seu jardim está maravilhoso, parabéns.

  10. Happy gardening. Thanks for dropping by my blog today


  11. Congrats on such well maintained garden, Nicole! My favourite are the two bowls of onions and Mustard, not to mention of your marvelous fresh-grown lettuce.
    Have a nice week!

  12. Beautiful plants. You definitely have a green thumb.

  13. I can get a few herbs to grow from seed, but NEVER tomatoes. You are a magician with soil and seed.

  14. that poly tunnel would be ripped to pieces here, its so windy here we had to silicon the pane for our greenhouse in to the frame and bolt the greenhouse to concrete lol

  15. Your plants look wonderful Nicole! Our garden is blooming now, although we haven't had much rain for a few weeks. We're having to water our pots.

  16. Wow girl, you are doing amazing!!! Well done! Big Hugs!