Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Wednesday Free Art Classes

First I will start this off with my garden. We had a sunny day yesterday so time to get some work done. Last month when we had sunshine Mr. M. and I got my outside garden area set up. I told you I was going to do things differently to spare my back from further injury. Anyway, yesterday we cut more PVC pipe and got to work.  Yes the front piece is leaning and if needed Mr. M. will tie it off. Remember we are on complete sand. I will be able to have 9 containers on each pallet rise and with the brace bars be able to put trellis where I need it. The frame, as  you know, is to cover poly over for protection from the very high winds we have all summer long.

A few things inside the greenhouse
There is lots more growing but it is overcast and rainy and I couldn't get good photos. I have 5 containers of potatoes in the GH that are doing so well that I have had to dirt up already. I also planted flowers yesterday. Who would have ever thought I would be a gardener? LOL

Now for the free art lessons. Yesterday, I gleaned this information from a comment Elizabeth left on Barbara's blog.
It's totally free and each day you will receive a lesson from a different artist. Karen, the head of the program, asks that we spread the word. This is me spreading the word. 
The lessons started on March 18 but you have full access to videos once you sign up. Today is landscape and perspective. 
 I am off to make something warm for breakfast. Hhmm like oatmeal with raisins and cinnamon. Sounds good to me.
Have a great day everyone!

Be Safe Out There And Wear A Mask!
Nicole/DVArtist Honor 
and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Big WOW on your greenhouse!
    And thank you for the link, I think I´ll sign up :-)
    And share, of course.

  2. ...we had a favorite day yesterday too, I got my garden tilled. Today I was going to plant my peas, but it's raining.

  3. Yes, the rain is a constant along with the wind. Be sure to show your garden on your blog. I would love to see it.

  4. Love seeing what you're up to out there!

  5. Have fun with your new garden set up--I signed up for those art classes too but haven't had time to watch them yet-Happy wednesday

  6. Happy Gardening and enjoy the warmer days!

  7. It doesnt seem that long ago you were harvesting your crop.

  8. Your greenhouse looks great. Must be a lot of work! Valerie

  9. All your plantings look so healthy and green! We don't dare plant up here till May. Love to see everyone's gardens!
    I will sign up to see what it is all about. Thanks. :)

  10. ...and the green thumb continues! You are amazing, but “baby” your back! I’m not signing up myself for the free art lessons, but will be watching what others achieve. Have fun!

  11. Your green house looks wonderful. You already have a ton of veggies started. I'm impressed. I hope you DO keep your back in shape. I gave up my veggie garden because of my back. Now everything I grow is in pots. You have a great setup, though.

    I didn't even think about you and the Sketchbook Revival, Nicole. Sorry. I did leave a link for several people I thought might appreciate it, though. I haven't had time to watch any videos yet, but I doubt they will be anything I could accomplish anyway. I can't even draw a snowman!!

  12. Your gardening is wonderful to see! I'm getting all kinds of exercising squatting and such as I play on my patio, and I'm thinking your raised areas would be welcome :) My back doesn't suffer, but my hips don't want to stretch out so far lol I don't have the room, but your set-up looks well thought out.

  13. i am sorry i did not know about your back issue
    i hope you feel better soon !

    gardening is therapeutic i bet
    your green house plants are lovely

  14. Wishing you happy gardening, I enjoyed your photographs.
    Look after your back.

    All the best Jan