Tuesday, March 23, 2021

T Stands for Tooooo Busy

Whoa I have had a mega busy morning putting me behind in posting for T Tuesday. I am also behind in commenting and will try my hardest to get caught up by tonight. 
The last 2 days I have spent part of my time trying to schedule an appt. for our second covid vax. I finally just now got it done. It's a mess here, but at least we are on the list. So like I wrote, today is meeting up with the T-Gang over at Elizabeth and Bleubeard. My art time has been eaten up with family phone calls, daily chores, and I don't know what else. It just seems like my days fly by. I did start this last night. 
So on my easel. Not sure where I am going with this, and the colors may change as I work on it.
Mr. M. wanted lemon cookies so he got them. What's better than cookies and milk?
Well, I guess a lot of things but late night Mr. M. loves this.
I have been wanting to show all of you a set that I got a few weeks ago from Amazon. I know that some of you out there, like me, have a hard time opening jars, and other containers. Awhile back Elizabeth showed one of those gadgets to open jars. She told me later she got it off Amazon. Also, I have been telling Mr. M. for several months now that I needed one of these. So off to Amazon I go. There are many to select from and the prices are VERY reasonable. 
I got the whole deal for $9.00
There is just the large jar opener for $5.00
The other 2 gadgets open smaller bottles, the flip top on cans, and even grabs the seal under caps to pull back. I love these! Oh this also came with a wham zoomer cork skew that went in the "thing drawer" yeah, don't laugh everone has one. My mom use to call it her "junk drawer". 
These all hang on my wall for easy access. Thanks Elizabeth. 

Well that is it for me. Be sure to visit everyone over at 
Be Safe Out There And Wear A Mask!
 Honor and integrity in art, in life. 


  1. Lemon cookies sound delicious and what a beautiful piece of art, beautiful colours,I look forward to seeing the finished painting.
    I have problems opening anything but then I always have, I pass them to my DH, he opens them easily and always tells me I loosened it!
    Happy T day
    Jan S

  2. that is such a lovely sea and sky landscape just as it is Nicole. I may eventually need those jar openers myself;) And yes, everyone I know has a "junk" drawer!
    Hope you get some relax time into your busy days. Happy T day!

  3. I have a very similar set here, without them I couldxn't open anything! Those cookies look good! Happy T Day, Valerie

  4. Those look very handy, nice grips, I could junk about ten pounds of openers, I may look at them. Thanks for the picture. The beginning painting is wonderful....I can’t wait to see the end work.

  5. I love lemon cookies, and those look delicious :) The tools are just the thing. Cool! Happy T Tuesday

  6. Boa tarde Nicole, parabéns pela excelente matéria. Máscaras sempre, são inegociáveis.

  7. ...here the second vaccination appointment is made when you get your first shot, easy.

  8. I like the colours on your artwork and look forward to seeing how it progresses.

  9. Love the colours in your painting. Anesha x

  10. Lemon cookies are so delicious! Those tools are perfect for walnuts, almonds, etc. ... sometimes those tools aren't at the right time at the right place 😊
    Have a nice evening!

  11. Have fun with your necessary jar openers!

  12. I have a few kinds of jar openers and devices to help open various and sundry kitchen items. They are priceless!
    Cookies and milk are the best!
    I absolutelyy love the rainbow of color on that canvas!! Can hardly wait to see what you do with it. I love it as it is right now--LOL! You could say I'm a color junkie.

  13. Your started painting looks like sunset over the ocean. Beautiful colors. And the lemon cookies look good too. Glad to hear you got vaccine number 2 scheduled. You must be happy to know when you get to get it. Hope it was a great T day. hugs-Erika

  14. Beautiful painting. The lemon cookies look delicious.
    Happy Tea Day,

  15. Happy Tuesday Nicole. Thanks for dropping by my blog


  16. Lemon Cookies look delicious.
    The kitchen gadgets will be so useful, anything to make our lives easier just makes sense.
    Pleased to read you were successful in arranging your second vaccination.
    A good start to your painting.

    Happy mid-week wishes, the days are zooming by.

    All the best Jan

  17. You know I love anything rainbow coloured!

  18. Love the snacks, Nicole! 😛 And like you said, it's important to be on the list. So, good for you. 👍🏻

  19. Mr. M is lucky! He wants, he gets, easy (OK, to be fair I left a note something doesn´t work and when I came back it was fixed!).

    That first "opener" we have also, bad quality here, doesn´t work. We have a cheap-looking yellow one that works perfectly. Is´t it great how we can help each other around the world easy like this?

    Looking forward to see what you did with your art project, a happy day to you.

  20. Morning Nicole, i'm playing catch up too before my work day begins, I hear you completely regarding that eaten up time, imagine if our days were just free for art.. sigh.
    I'd leave that canvas just as it is it's beautiful and extremely thought provoking get it hung on the wall for all to see.. Hugs Tracey xx
    P.S I smiled at the opening gadgets, my MIL uses a pair of mole grips to open screw top bottles :))x

  21. I'm partial to the blues in your painting and it will be fun to see what the painting looks like when its finished. Lemon cookies and a cup of tea, please. Looks like those gadgets will help you open any kind of packaging. Cool! Happy getting your 2nd vaccine appointment day! Happy T Day!

  22. Love the start of the painting!

  23. I have been unable to get on the internet for over half a day. I was sick with despair. I couldn't figure out what the problem was. It wasn't my computer. My internet showed it was on. However, any blog I tried to visit, I got an error. I couldn't believe my luck when I actually got on your blog just now.

    Your painting is beautiful. It reminds me of a sunrise or sunset in the dessert. I think it's already perfect.

    Cookies and milk. I would LOVE a lemon cookie. Yours look absolutely perfect, too. Absolutely the best way to eat cookies, too.

    My friend Sally bought my gadget. When I saw the one Cloudia shared, I went to Amazon and found it was the number 1 item when I did a search. When I finally got around to sharing mine, Amazon didn't even have it listed anymore. Not sure why not, but yours all look good, too.

    Thanks for sharing your incredible painting, your various openers, and your milk and cookies with us for T this Tuesday. I can't believe I can finally see your blog with no error message.

  24. Sorry I missed this post! I agree with others, your painting is wonderful, and I see it as complete! I am going to look for the set of openers. Lord knows I could make excellent use of it!

  25. Some days just seem to have so much going on that isn't planned. I love your painting. Lemon cookies sound delicious! I have a plastic grip flower that enables me to open jars etc. Anything to make it easier has got to be a good buy. Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

  26. The trouble with T Day posts, and commenting, is that it takes time away from crafting! LOL
    I guess that is why I don't post every week, and why I am always late commenting. I would rather be crafting. But it is so fun to see what everyone is doing. Your painting reminded me of all this. I have a new technique I want to try. :) We have had both our shots and are ready to roll! LOL The lemon cookies look good. Hubby still opens my jars for me if I can't. I have a circle of rubber that I use, too. But your thing from Amazon looks like the perfect helper. Oh, and yes, I have several junk drawers!
    have a great week-end.