Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Covid Vaccine

Being vigilant is key to what you want. I have mentioned that the state of Oregon gets less covid vaccines than other states because our numbers of cases are lower. To date 156K cases and 2,231 deaths. We have a population of over 4 million. As you know I live on the coast and it seems that our small coastal towns receive even less of the vaccines. Mr. M. saw his doctor in Salem, (the capital of Oregon) she told him to go to a Salem Walgreens and you will get a vaccine same day. So our plan was to drive up to Salem to get vaccinated. 
For the last several weeks I have been registering Mr. M. and I at all the places I could. Most were closed to any new applications. Then, yesterday we both received a date to come in and get vaccinated. WOO HOO. This Saturday is our day to get the first injection. 
Now if you read my blog you know that when the vaccine first came out. I said I would  not get the vaccine. That I wanted to wait. I am still leery of it but I also believe that in the near future we may not be able to enter buildings or travel without proof of it. Some international flights are already doing this, claiming it will stop having to quarantine at destinations.  That is how things like this happen. Done in fear or hmmm convenience?
Note; this is my opinion and not spreading false information.
I was able to draw a bit yesterday but spent most of my time outside. We have one more day of sunshine before the rain and wind starts again.
Yes I have drawn this little girl before. She is so cute and a bit of a challenge to draw her.

Hope you have a great day today.
Be Safe Out There And Wear A Mask!
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. While I don't remember this girl, I gotta agree with you, she's cute 😉

    Happy to hear you'll be receiving the vaccine soon! 👏🏻 Do you know which one will it be? Seems like it doesn't really matter, as long as it's a vaccine 🙂

    Unfortunately, I've read just yesterday that the World Health Organization believes the virus won't die this year (if ever). 😏 Hey, we've been patient 'til now, so... we can wait some more. No other choice, really. 🤷‍♂️

  2. They have really made a mess everywhere with the vaccination ... In the Netherlands it is also as slow as a snail! I am fed up, I have been locked up for almost a year because I am in the risk group and still have to wait ... No vaccine without an invitation from the doctor!
    The little girl has very naughty eyes ... so cute!

  3. great news on your vaccine! Nice face.

  4. ...the vaccination rollout certainly hasn't been smooth. Tuesday we will receive our second Moderna shot.

  5. Glad to hear you're getting your first vaccine Nicole, hope it goes ok.
    I love your sketch, that little girl looks very cheeky and mischievous.
    Alison x

  6. Wonderful art and great news with the vaccines! Valerie

  7. Cute face. I got my first vaccine last month [UK]

  8. So glad you will get the vaccine! That is great news!! :)

  9. if you want the vaccine great news-I have started seeing wal mart ads on the tv that they will have the vaccine soon. personally still not sure about this one-too much fear mongoring going on who knows what is really going on though just gotta do what we feel is the right thing for ourselves and this vaccine used aborted baby materials not sure about that either

    1. Here is info for you on fetal cell lines not baby materials.

  10. What a mischievous look on today's face!

  11. Good for you. Apparently they are going by age, health status, and occupation in KS. Hopefully, if Biden is correct and everyone can be vaccinated by late April, I will have one in late April, around my birthday. Not the gift I would want, but one I would need.

    That's a great face, too, Nicole.

  12. A great face painted again and good or bad no idea but it's so stupid if you are not allowed to go anywhere!
    I keep my fingers crossed for you that everything goes well for the vaccination!
    There is nothing with vaccination for me yet because we are a very small town.

  13. I want to wait. I always keep proper distance and here we had some cases with severe side-effects. Good luck to you. Great portrait again!

  14. The vaccine availability has been a mess everywhere, it seems. I'll be getting it but am not anxious to be part of the current hours-long waits. Soon, though.

  15. Like you, at first I was against getting vaccinated. My husband and I got our first shot last Friday and we had no ill effects except a bit of a sore arm. I just don't believe (personally) all the truly fake news going around about the vaccine. I guess I could go into it, but I better not. I feel much better about being healthy and not having to worry that I'll end up in the hospital if I do get covid. I wish you well-I'm sure you'll be fine. Let us know.

  16. Love you portrait. Yes I have had first vaccine and will have second on March 19th. The card is beginning to have great importance. Our Senior Center will begin allowing dining inside for persons who can show the card with two vaccines. Still will have to space and wear masks to come in.

  17. I love you portraits. Did you finish all 29 Faces? I gave up one day short.

  18. Nicole,

    I'll be eager to follow up with you on how you both do with vaccine. We have no immediate plans to get it. I'm sure it'll get to a point where we will need to do it but until that time, we'll wait. We're in good health and aren't at risk so I feel good about our decision. Your little girl is super cute!

  19. Nicole, what type of vaccine are you getting? And, please let us know if you have any reactions! I love your girl! So cute! Big Hugs!