Sunday, February 14, 2021

29 Faces and the meat dept.

and Happy Valentine's Day.
Sunday and I have my 14th entry for 29 Faces. I have heard some people say that drawing a profile is easier for them. Well it is not for me. I would much rather draw face on or a bit tilted, profiles are difficult for me. With that, I wanted to draw at least 1 for 29 Faces.
Please click on the images from a better look.
Now for the meat dept. 
The last time I was at the store I asked if I could take photos. I was told no for some idiotic reason. ( I was a manager for Safeway) There is no reason I couldn't take photos. So yesterday I had to pick up prescriptions and so went back to the meat dept and took these photos. I was nervous and so just started shooting. I wish I would have gotten the images of prices. However, for Iris over at


This is the packaged lunch meats and cheap hot dogs then goes on to cheeses.


Turn the corner from the lunch meat to this small section of pork products.


Keep going around to beef and organic beef. The little section in front is for specials. Yeah, burger in tubes, that's real special GAG! Oh and that is $3.49 a lb not for a tube.

This  section is more expensive hot dogs, brats, and sausages. You can see the sign for a sale of $4.89 normally these run around $6 to 7 a package. 


Here is the rest of the section from the above photo. At the end are a few hams. To expensive to buy.


At the end of the case by the ham is another sale section. These are Ribeye steaks on sale for $8.99 a lb Not a bad price from my area. They also have fish next to the steaks buy one get one free. Well the one you pay for is twice the price it should be. You all know this, stores don't give anything away free.


Then from the last photo turn right and there is the meat counter. You can see some of the prices. Ground beef is $6.99 lb and bacon is $4.99 lb. Oh and just say it like it is $7. and 5. 


Then, if you turn around from the meat counter you will have a selection of chick. It is the cheapest thing in the store.
That is the meat department at Fred Meyers. I will try and get photos of the meat department at Safeway/Albertsons. They have a smaller department and the meat is twice as expensive.  I don't normally shop there.

Well that is it for now. Have a great day.
Be Save Out There And Wear A Mask.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. ...I remember Paul Harvey saying that economics is quite simple. "The price of wheat goes up the price of bread goes up, the price of wheat goes down the price of bread goes up!"

  2. You do wonderful faces, true character in each one, that’s a huge meat department!

  3. I like your profile portrait a lot! The photos are good, but what was the purpose of them? I probably wouldn’t have
    asked for permission either. 😆

  4. You are on a roll with these - good job!!
    If I take pictures of my supermarket, you will think I live in lilliput land! 🤣

  5. Nice profile, never thought about whether it was harder than a front face. I have been asked not to take photos in a grocery store, so I had to put my camera away.

  6. I love your profile drawing! I draw mine with big eyes and it makes profiles a bit odd... That's a huge meat department! Happy V day

  7. That's a lovely drawing! 🖤 I love meat, especially ham... I eat it basically every single day. I'd love to be a vegan/vegetarian if I could but, ham would be really hard to say goodbye to, honestly. 😏

    Already tired of chicken so, I skip it usually. 🤷‍♂️ Anyways, have a great one, Nic!

  8. Haha, LOL, you were told off, too?!
    Sneaked in, even better!

    I remember we went to FE - "Forschung und Entwicklung" /research at Volkswagen. With a cam to snap a pic of people.
    Huuuh, our boss was like WHAT?!! AND THEY LET YOU IN LIKE THAT?!
    He laughed his butt off.

    You have me laughing here!

    Oh, boy. What if you have a "special" wish???
    Looks like in Australia. But, if I remember correctly, you could ask someone for a special, can you, too?

    Love your drawing, too!!!! But the meat-pics, wow.
    Thank you for sneaking that in ;-)

    1. You are welcome. I am glad we were both able to share our stores.

  9. I've taken photos at the grocery to share on FB for one reason or another and have never had anybody say anything. That's a great price for the ribeyes!

    I've started double-masking and have bought some face shields. I mean, better safe than sorry, right?

  10. I love your face! Great feeling in it!
    That is a HUGE meat department! Big Hugs!

  11. Interesting post and belated Valentine day wishes!

  12. A very beautiful face and such delicious things that you cooked and baked for that night.
    The mask images are amazing, I love them all!
    Unfortunately I have the ischian nerve because of that I couldn't comment.
    Have a good week, hugs Elke