Saturday, January 9, 2021

Weekend Post

A week or more ago a beading buddy of mine, Dini, wrote to tell me that a good friend of her son had just got on the police force in Reedsport, ( about 16 miles south of me) and did I know of any rentals. Whewwww that is a tall order in my part of the world. Rentals are very difficult to come by. I told her I would put some feelers out to see what I could come up with. I made some calls to people I know that have rentals, nope all filled. I sent emails to people up and down the coast. No, they didn't know of any either. I even texted my mail lady. She said the antique store between Florence and Reedsport had a rental. I sent the info to Dini straight away. Well, turned out that the owners wanted to rent the apt above and antique store. AND the store???? Oh and they want $4,000.00 a month. uhhh yeah... 
After a few days and more phone calls, the officer got a break. One of his co-workers with a rental had an opening. Problem solved. Dini wrote to tell me to watch the mail. That she was sending me a thank you gift. I told her it was not necessary, that it was my pleasure to try and help.
Friday, Mr. M. comes in with a package for me. The package was a bright shinny green envelope and as I looked at the return address it was from Dini. 

Look at this envelope, I just love it!
Inside was even better. Is this box just too adorable?
You all know I love polka dots! Even the inside.
But the treasure that I will hold dear forever is this.
This is a piece of hand blown glass made by an
artist in Grants Pass, OR. and my beading buddy, Dini,
beaded this amazing star fish. The glass is very heavy and
so this is a paperweight. However, I have found a good place on my bead shelf with other gifts and my beadwork so I can see it every day.
I wish I could get a better photo so you can see the 
depths of this glass.

Being nice to each other, helping, giving, sharing, loving, that's what life is about, that's what makes us happy.

 Be Safe Out There And Wear A Mask

 Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. That's a spectacular gift! So beautiful.

  2. What a remarkable gift. And what a remarkable thing you tried to do, too. I think this was a win on your part at least.

  3. My polka-dotted coat sure fell in love with your parcel, as did my teapot :-)
    Yes, be nice to each other, the other day I brought a polka-dotted plate with cookies to my neighbor and he was happy.
    Giving and taking makes us happy, it´s a good world, mostly, thankfully.

  4. Wow, what a gorgeous gift, enjoy! Valerie

  5. Beautiful gifts from a beautiful friend. Your kindness is contagious!

  6. ...the red, white and black makes a classy presentation.

  7. Wow, this is beyond beautiful! Having done bead embroidery, I know the depth of tedious work that went into this starfish. How did she attach it to the glass???

  8. You are loved. What a wonderful gift.

  9. What a beautiful gift!And i love the box it came in too.

  10. A very special gift-it is so beautiful-very thoughtful-enjoy

  11. That present box is EVERYTHIN'! 🖤💗🖤💗

  12. Wow! What fabulous and beautiful gifts! xx

  13. I'm struck (and major-league impressed) that you can text your mail lady. The pattern in that glass draws me in :) Lovely.