Tuesday, January 26, 2021

T stands for snow yikes!

I have lived here in Florence for 15 years. Coming from N. Idaho and snow that would sometimes last until June, I was happy to get to sea level with NO snow. The first year we lived here we got snow that lasted several days. One other time we got a skiff of snow and the last few days the snow gods have tried to shed some snow down on us. I think today it just might happen.  This was the other night. I know this is nothing but for where I live it kinda is. 
And it's flippen cold. giggle
I grabbed a piece of PC paper and pencil so I could draw while waiting for Mr. M. at the doctors. (Yeah, I have to wait in the cold car ha ha ha) The face was etched in my brain from one of my favorite blogs FitStuds
 Uhhh, if any of you want a good jolt to start your day check it out. Anyway, here is the face. I need to redraw him while I am actually looking at his face and on good paper. However, it is my art for the day.

 Now to get into the T-Party to day is my snack for yesterday.
Hot water and apples. 
Sounds terrible but is actually very good. Joining in with Elizabeth and Bleubeard with the rest of the T-Gang. Come see what everyone is doing.
Be Safe Out There And Wear A Mask! 
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Hi! I love the dusting of snow ~ I'm with you brrr ~ and waiting in the car?! I brought hot tea with me the last time I had to wait :) Great drawing and your treat looks healthy and happy ~ Enjoy your week!

  2. I remember snows amounting to something here when I was a child. Now we're lucky if we get a dusting.

    Hot water is a thing we should introduce more people to :) Happy T Tuesday!

  3. That's a bit more than a dusting, but a lot less than where I live. I understand your concern about waiting in the cold car, too. Your drawing is beautiful, though. You draw so well.

    I need caffeine, my drug of choice, but I know some people drink hot water to start their day. The apple slices look really good, too. Thanks for sharing the snow, your drawing and your hot water and apples with us for T this Tuesday, dear Nicole.

  4. Snow 🤍 I eat apples same as you, sliced! 😛 Oh, I see a familar face over here... And as I expected, you did him well, girl! 👏🏻 The jawline only he has, the detailed eyebrows, wrinkles... Looks exactly like him 👌🏻 Love it, great job!

  5. Even a dusting of snow is too much for me- cuz that means it's really cold out! And if I have to wait in a car- the heated seat is on for sure;)
    Great portrait sketch!
    I'll have a tea bag in my water but other than that it's a nice and healthy snack to enjoy. happy T day!

  6. A great sketch Nicole, you are a very talented portrait artist.
    We had some snow on Sunday morning, but by lunchtime it had all melted away.
    Hope you're having a good week,
    Alison xx

  7. I would never thought about Florence in the US. While I was reading your post I thought you have been living in the Italian town of Florence (Tuscany Region) 😄
    Thanks to your post I have just learnt there is another town with the same name in South Carolina.

    Just found your blog through Tom's website.




  8. A great sketch.
    I have never tried drinking hot water but I may have to give it a try.
    Happy Tea Day,

  9. Hot water? Be like coffee with no flavor--LOL!
    I love that you sketch during your waiting time.
    Thanks for popping by my blog. :)

  10. ...if the is yikes, then you wouldn't enjoy it here today.

  11. It's snowing out now so I'll skip the snow pics. Great sketch. I like my apple slices with a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. Happy T Day

  12. Some areas of the UK had snow recently and our youngest Grandson was so pleased he was able to go outside and build a snowman :)

    All the best Jan

  13. A great drawing of a face that fits the blog name!

  14. I've been to Northern Idaho in the summer and I can only guess about the winter. Maybe like New Hampshire? Maybe not. That's a fabulous drawing. And a mug of hot water is actually pretty good, agreed. hope its a good one, you don't get much snow and warm back up.

  15. I used to date a guy who drank hot water, my Canadian boyfriend...
    we had a full day of snow today. your face is so good, and from memory...

  16. Yes, if I squint, I can kind of see the snow in that photo, LOL! Stay warm!

  17. Funny your inspiration was from Fitstuds, why not?

  18. Bom dia minha amiga Nicole, gostaria de um dia ter um desenho do meu rosto feito por ti. Parabéns pelo seu excelente trabalho.

  19. Did you dip the apple slices in the hot water?

  20. Nicole,

    The sketch is amazing. I love your portrait drawings. Maybe when I grow up I will be as good as you someday. lol

  21. The Italian Florence? We´ve visited a few years ago and with a great guide it was really wonderful!

    Your pic mademe laugh. We had winters here where you had to take a hearty strong step on the gas to get your car in frozen parking lots, backwards, too! Am I glad I have no car anymore!

    Big BIG WOW, you made that boy from your memory?! I could never do that! Wow!

    P.S. Sorry I´m late.... Off to my apples :-)

  22. Wow, you drew that face from memory?! It's wonderful! I'll join you with a few apple slices, but no thanks to hot water. Happy T-day! Eileen

  23. That's snow for you? LOL! Sorry, I don't mean to laugh! LOL! Love the sketch of the face! Big Hugs!

  24. I used to keep a car journal in the glove compartment when I used to pick hubby up from work(way back)It never got filled so maybe I should look it out and use it!! I love your sketch(dare I look at 'fitstuds'?) Hot water and apple sounds good - I am loving some old English varieties at the moment, very tasty! A very belated Happy T day, Chrisx