Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Wednesday Wonderings

Hi Everyone!
Well for some wonderful reason yesterday I was filled with energy. I cleaned and sanitized my house, organized my art room, played in the garden after the storm and created some art. Wish I had that kind of energy everyday. LOL Making sure I did some art was important, I need to get myself in the right mode for AEDM with Leah. I hope all of you will join in. The rules are pretty lax and I have met some of the nicest people there. Alison from reminded me that AEDM is where we met. There is nothing quite like the challenges we all join in with, not only do they peek our creative spirits, but we get a chance to meet people and see art that we would not be able to other wise. While I am on the subject, if you have not joined in with TAD with Rain then you are missing out on pure joy. I will tell you that I thought creating art with a theme would box me in, or hamper me in some way. It is just the opposite and Rain comes up with the best themes. This week is "Supernatural" and tomorrow is when to link up so you still have time to join in. Check out her blog. Then there is the wonderful T gang over at Bluebeard and Elizabeth. On Tuesdays bring a drink related post and you are in. Last but certainly not least is Paint Party Friday. I have been showing my art with Eva and Kristen for 10 years.  
There are many more out there too.
 If you have a place to challenge the artist leave the link in my comments.

I found this lovely lady on line and had to draw her. She just had a kind face, oh and very 
short, curly hair which is still not my forte. LOL

I mentioned the storm, this is the rain on my window
 And later in the evening when the storm was over I gathered these goodies.

Well that's it for this morning. I hope you have a wonderful day 
and be safe out there.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Good for you preparing for art everyday! Wonderful!

  2. Interesting, we both have had radical increases in energy last few days, we are "claiming" it is because of the better air quality (more oxygen available, as opposed to grit and smoke) and we're sticking to it. Good gathering, I get tomatoes every day now and my peapods are starting, poblano chilis are growing, yum, chili rellenos soon. Take care, Donna

  3. Wonderful drawing. And I met you at AEDM. This will be year 3 for me. I am ready for it. Glad I will know someone else there this coming year.

  4. Wonderful goodies, see you at TAD tomorrow! Lovely portrait.

  5. Well done Nicole, I hardly ever get the urge to do housework. I usually do it when we're having visitors, which hasn't happened much this year.
    Thanks for the mention, meeting new people is definitely a bonus of taking part in challenges.
    That's a lovely little portrait, I find hair very tricky too, and I haven't the patience for all the shading in a face. abstract faces are much easier for me 😂
    Alison xx

  6. Nicole,

    I'm sorry for the late visit. This week I've gotten really behind. Anywho, I love the sketch of the elderly lady. I need to make time to sketch faces. I hope to get more comfortable with facial features. You really have the knack for it. Hopefully the storm has passed and y'all are under fair skies today. Stay safe and be well, dear friend!

  7. I want some of your energy for housework lol We were promised rain but didn't get much at all. Ah, fresh veggies, yummmm