Tuesday, October 13, 2020

T stand for I Need Coffee

Hi Everyone!
UUUhhhgggg I need coffee! I haven't said that in 5 years. LOL. Yesterday Mr. M. and I had to go to  Salem, OR. OMG it is such a long drive. Mr. M. sees a doctor there and his appt. was later than normal. 2PM When we go to Salem we also go to Costco and Winco to do real shopping. I got up at 6AM made some chicken in the air fryer for a picnic and got things ready to go. 
We left at 9AM to do the shopping first.
 Still in Oct. there is so much tourist traffic. Ya know motor homes and out of state drivers. It's truly like they come to Oregon and forget how to drive. Anyway we turn off to go the back roads. It is so pretty and peaceful and not much traffic. To make this long story short the drive home seemed like we were in that movie where the further you go, the further you have to go. We were both so tire. We finally pulled into the drive way at 6:30 PM. Then I had to sterilized all the food and put it away. I was exhausted as was Mr. M. So I said all of that to say.......
 Uhhhhggg I need coffee this morning. giggle

Here is the cup I am drinking. This "real" gray color cup is my fave.
This is for T for Tuesday with the wonderful Bluebeard and Elizabeth.
Be sure to stop by to see all of the T gang today. 

Here are some shots I got on the way to Salem.


This is HWY 126 about 20 miles out.


Of course there is ALWAYS road work.


This is what "they" call the woods here.


There are many historic bridges on the OR coast  McCullough was the state bridge engineer from 1919 to 1935


Through this area you will find different types of weights to hold the electrical wires from all the wind we get here.


One of our back road turns. Salem isn't listed on here because it is still too far away. LOL


Not much fall colors here. I thought this would be a good picture to paint.


This is just one of the wheat fields that is so green it looked florescent. There are fields for miles and the rain makes this color almost unbelievable.

If you notice in the photos the clouds are almost always ready to burst. 15 years here and I can't get use to the dark gray most of the time. 
Ohhh and it is raining now as I look out my window. 
Not complaining the fires still burn here and the rain is welcomed.

Today I am cleaning house and hoping to get in the art room.

What does your day plan look like?
Nicole/DVArtist Hono
 and integrity in art, in life. 


  1. That is a looong drive! I'm glad you had multiple errands since you were there anyway, but it sounds like a full day. I like the gray mug. It looks like a reflection of your skies. The dark coffee is a welcome/necessary part of the morning. Happy T Tuesday!

  2. Hope all went well for Mr. M. Great photos of the road trip, and it's interesting to see the countryside you drove through. Enjoy that coffee!
    Alison xx

  3. Glad you got a lot done even if it was a long drive there and back. Coffee is always good! Happy T Tuesday, Valerie

  4. Good morning, great photos, we have the same sort of long drive to the doctor for my husband's heart doctor visits-and even longer since we moved to the lake-and we would usually shop at Sams club too for food shopping-does make a super longggg day so I can sympathize-our last visit he was able to do it virtual so hoping we can do that again in December. Love your coffee cup-Happy T wishes Kathy

  5. I can't imagine such a long drive- I'd be exhausted by early eve for sure. Nice to see greenery along the way despite the grey skies. Hope you both could catch up on your rest. happy T day!

  6. An amazingly busy day! I loved your shot of the woods. If lack of fall color keeps you from following through with the painting shot, do the woods instead. I am not a road-tripper ever, hope you get a long break before the next one. Also hope all is well!

  7. Glad you got your shopping done!

  8. What a long and arduous day you had! I hope you're resting up today.

  9. Wow, that sounded like a long day! So glad that you got everything done and it sounds like you were very organised getting up early and packing lunch. It was great seeing all the photos of your journey and I hope you are both able to relax and chill for a while to recover 😀. Wishing you a very happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  10. Oh you poor thing. i am so sorry to read what a long day you had. I feel for you. A shopping trip and a picnic hopefully filled part of the time with happy memories. I hope Mr. M is OK.

    I love your photos. Such beauty from a state I've only visited twice. I agree that the fields seem to glow with florescent green. And those lines of vehicles on a narrow two lane road make for tense times, I'm sure. I did enjoy the views, though.

    I also enjoyed your gray mug and your coffee. It's amazing you haven't had any for so long. I can't live without mine!!! Thanks for sharing your trip and your mug of coffee with us for T this Tuesday. LOTS of people were really impressed, as was I, with the gift you sent me, dear. Thanks again.

  11. Boa noite. Parabéns pelo texto e imagens. Sobre o café lembrei dos cafezais dos Estados de Minas Gerais e Espírito Santo.

  12. Sounds like you had a busy day. I really enjoyed your photos. I've never seen weights on power lines but it works. And ncie grey mug too. I like grey. It's a good color. Hope you are having/or had, a great T day. Hugs-Erika

  13. Ugh, that is a long day. I enjoyed the ride and the photos along the way. Your cup looks like the perfect shape to wrap your hands around. Happy TDay

  14. Beautiful shots of your trip.
    Happy Tea Day,

  15. Thank you for taking us on that trip! The wheat fields sure are my favorite, they really look like fluid.

  16. We do our big box shopping the same way whenever we need to go to Guadalajara for doctors, and so on. But our drive is only one hour, two if traffic is bad. I sure can relate to the exhaustion. I hope Mr. M's appointment went well.

    Thanks for the pretty pictures you took along the way. I've never been to Oregon.

    Happy T-Day. Stay safe and well. Hugs, Eileen

  17. Yes, I can imagine you are exhausted after a trip like that. Hubby and I love going on the back roads if we have a good map with us. Much more scenic and less traffic. Sometimes it's even quicker.
    You sterilize your food? Why would you want to do that? And how do you do that? Surely most of it will get sterilized when it is cooked, and anything salady or rAW can be washed properly, which you would do anyway, before eating it.
    The wheat fields are beautiful. I've never seen it that colour. Very special.
    Yes, the skies are very grey. England is like that. I'm glad I live in a sunny country now.
    Happy belated T-Day,

  18. Yes, even before covid I sterilize the food from the store. Think about how nasty people really are. They wipe their nose with their hand then touch a can of corn and decide they don't want it and put it back on the shelf. That is just one example. Also if you have ever been in a food prep facility you would clean your cans and boxed food too. So I fill my sink with hot bleach water and set canned goods in the water. I wipe off boxed items or things that can't go into the water. All fruit and veggies go into a bowl with backing soda and cleaned. I have done this for 25 years.

  19. That is a long day with lot's of driving ~ The cup looks welcoming. The green wheat fields are crazy green ~ That's neat! I'm glad your home and able to get to some art ~ Enjoy!

  20. Nicole,

    I've had some long days like that. It is totally exhausting, too. You captured some great pictures. The wheat fields is amazingly green! I like the line of trees. That'll look great as a painting. You make the leaves autumnish, too!

  21. Yes, we have had trips like that! We think it is our age because it used to be easier! LOL Here is Kansas we need rain badly! It has been almost a month since we had any.
    Not in the forecast either! I hope your day was good after your coffee in the gray up. ;)

  22. ...I haven't been to Salem in a while. For 50 years I was in the nursery business and visited Oregon every summer to see my suppliers. What a neat state.

  23. Cleaning the food packets is such a tedious job but we re still doing it too! I don't think many folk are though! I can see why the grey cup is a favourite - very elegant! I loved seeing the photos from your trip - such a variety of landscape and that bridge is amazing! We have grey skies a lot here in North west England. Sorry I'm late visiting - life happening ! Chrisx