Wednesday, October 28, 2020

TAD with RAin It's a Halloween Party

Hi Everyone!
It's my party and I'll scream if I want to. 

Welcome to my Halloween party hosted by Rain's Thursday Art Date. (TAD)
and presented by........
Come on in if you dare, ahhh come on it's a party.


Showing up all things dead



We have musik


with the grim reaper to sing


dead eye'd



Mummy still trying to get out of the grave.


Sugar kills


The big guy in the back came from Mexico for the party



Too many hands for my face


The three hags ready to spell


My skull bouquet



Witches brew


I hope you enjoyed the party. I had a different party planned but for the life of me I could not find my Halloween supplies. I tell you that I have more supplies than a store and could not find the huge box they are in. So I gathered things I have as decorations in my house. Some of the items I made some are bought. My skull bouquet I made a few years ago.
The mummy is what I made for TAD,S Urban Legends. The story goes 

“The Bandage Man is a phantom of a man completely wrapped in bandages that haunts this small community. The bloody figure, who smells of rotting flesh, jumps into vehicles passing on a road outside of town, notably pickup trucks or open-topped cars, but also sedans, station wagons, and even sports cars. Sometimes the mummy breaks windows or leaves behind bits of bloody or foul-smelling bandages. One legend has it that he is the ghost of a dead logger cut to pieces in a sawmill accident.”
 Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Oh Nicole, I love your Halloween party. It's wonderful and I absolutely adore the Skull bouquet. That is extremely clever. I can tell you go all out. These are well done, dear.

  2. love your post, love a good party - lots of fun :)

  3. Wonderful post, have a great day, Valerie

  4. For sure screams are a must have at a Halloween Party

    Stay safe


  5. ...if this is how you celebrate Halloween, I can't to see how you do Christmas!

  6. Now THAT was some party, loved it! My favs are the first two and the skull bouquet - I had to smile, too, about this not even being your Halloween deco and I bet you find the box come Christmas or such!

  7. Wow, amazing! All without your box of Halloween decorations?! Your house must be a hoot and a howl year-round!

  8. Wow ~ you do have quite a collection of Halloween decorations! ~ Enjoy!!

  9. Hi Nicole!! :) I love your post...oh that lady hanging off your house is AWESOMELY spooky!!! I love your Halloween party, especially the Mexican skeleton! The skull bouquet is gorgeous, I love the colours! I'll definitely be back on Saturday! :)) Oooh I love your Bandage Man and the urban legend, how wonderfully creepy!!! I'll have to keep my eye out for him when I'm driving at night!!! :))

  10. I had fun at your party Nicole thanks for a great time!

  11. Fun party! and I love an urban legend/true ghost story that's local.

  12. Your Halloween party is "spooktacular" 🍁👻🍂☕🌙🎃🐈

  13. Fun fun fun. Tis the season. I have been enjoying wearing a witch hat. Last year I forgot too ;-0, this year I started early ;-)

  14. Wow you went all out on the party. Great job.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade

  15. Oh my goodness, I would never have guessed you had all of this in you :) Gore and ghoulish, screaming and figures with rotting flesh jumping into car windows. Pretty creepy, I have to say. Remind me not to go outside after dark this Saturday. Your party was wonderful and made me laugh ... so all that is missing is the Halloween candy ... have any? Happy Halloween, Nicole and be safe ... keep your distance from those gory figures ... they aren't wearing masks :(

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  16. Spooky and fun.
    Well done.

    All the best Jan

  17. lol, that´s a party for sure. And with none of your halloween supplies. Amazing. But I guess you had some fun with it anyway. :) Cool!

  18. Some of those photos are jus way too cool. Oh, and creepy, too! 😉