Saturday, October 24, 2020

I fell out of the car

Hi Everyone!
Yesterday Mr. M. and I drove to Bandon, OR. to see a woman about some art she wants from me and to stop at the Farmer's Market. It is the last weekend and the main stand is outside. Other than a doctor's appts and groceries this is the first outing we have had since Jan. It was a beautiful day. We brought a pick-nick lunch and we were set. I also got some photos I will show later. Now, Bandon is like my town of Florence. On the waters and a tourist town, only better. We pulled into the rock parking lot, I grabbed my camera to get a shot of a boat, my right foot stepped out and as I stood to bring my left foot out, it got caught in my purse strap and down I went, hard! Now, due to lupus I use to fall all the time, but haven't taken a spill in many years. This fall stunned me. As Mr. M. ran around the car to get to me I was still on the ground. I don't know if I hit my head or not but all I remember is Mr. M. repeating, "Are you alright?" I finally pulled myself up to the edge of the car seat and sat there for another few minutes. Then I stood to assess for any broken bones. Nothing seemed broken and as I pulled myself together we stood my the water and I got my photos. Then across the parking lot to the veggies. This morning I am very sore and have some bruises on my elbow. Needless to say my purse will go in the back seat from now on. 

The green building has a few more food vendors and some none food vendors but we didn't go inside. Too many people for me. When I was shopping I was the only one at the veggies.
Most of these people seemed to be together 
and even though they all had masks on 
there was no distancing.

 I could not pass up these onions or the string beans both are huge. Apples, cabbage, squash and red bell pepper. Yes, I grew most of these items but we get coupons every year to shop at a farmers market and I wanted to make sure we used them. 
                            This is the boat I wanted to shoot because 
                            before my fall they had caught a fish.
Today I am not doing much, I am sore and just want to rest.
Getting old sucks

Enjoy your day and be safe out there.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Oh dear!
    I do hope that you are better!
    The boat was lovely but that could have been a costly photo for you health wise.
    The veggies look tasty🍁🎃🍂

  2. ...getting old sucks, but it sure beats the alternatives.

  3. Yup, you said it, getting old sucks! I’ve had a fall or two similar to yours. No major damage, but I also ended up with bruises. Then I counted my blessings, the bruises faded, and life went on. One thing is different now though, I am more aware and very careful! I’m glad you were able to enjoy the rest of your day out. We are out of practice doing that. 😖

  4. Sorry to hear you fell. I fell last spring walking the dogs when my foot went out after stepping on an unstable rock. I stretched a ligament and snapped the edge of the bone, so it took me weeks to get the pain gone. I say that so hopefully you'll recover much more quickly.

  5. Sorry you fell out of the car, hope you soon feel better. Valerie

  6. glad you survived your fall oh dear!

  7. How incredibly sad to read this, Nicole. I hope by tomorrow you are not as sore, but when I fell, it took about four days before I felt up to par. You got some incredible shots and those veggies are looking wonderful. Get well soon, dear.

  8. Scary! Glad you´re OK!
    Hubby once fell unconscious ... in the door and I could not move him, horrible (he´s OK).

    Yes, same here yesterday! A man with his young son in his arms went way too close! Hubby didn´t say anything - if it´d be me I´d asked him if he knows what 1,50m is and if we go through faster if he gets close???
    Dumb people!

    Getting old sucks is true, but as my FIL says the alternative is "go"...
    So... let´s suck, right?

  9. Bom dia. Parabéns pela excelente matéria.

  10. I'm sure glad you weren't terribly injured!

    Take good care!

  11. I'm so glad you're mostly okay! The produce looks delicious. I also love your doll drawing below, so very pretty!

  12. So sorry to read about your fall, feel better soon.
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  13. get well soon and I'm glad it wasn't worse!
    Greeting Elke

  14. It does look like a beautiful day for an outing, and the veggies look great. I'm sorry about your fall and hope the rest puts you right.

  15. Ugh, that sounds scary... Glad to hear you're alright! 👏🏻 We, as humas, can take quite a few hits in life and still be alright. 💪🏻