Saturday, September 26, 2020

Still harvesting and a happy surprise.

Hi Everyone!
Boy this week has been out of control busy. I need to slow down  or something. The weather for the last 2 days have been rain, wind, rain, wind and rain and wind. Today it has calmed down. We had to drive into Eugene yesterday for a check up on my eye. The surgery on my right eye went without a hitch. The surgery on my left eye didn't. There is a film behind the lens that will have to be laser out. REALLY???? It's like looking through wax paper. I truly need a break here with the eye thing. Oh well nothing I can do about it.
The sun is out today thank goodness, my garden is drenched but with that came a happy surprise.
OMG I have eggplant!! I am so happy and yes I am dancing around the house over it.

 There is such a difference in the rain watering plants verses watering from a hose. Rain is so much better. LOL  My herbs double in size again and everything is big and green and blooming. This is my haul for today.
lettuce, onions, squash, beans, tomatoes and herbs.

This squash was hiding under huge leaves.
It is just over 7" long and will be part of dinner tonight.
Lettuce it is so tender and good.
and another big harvest of herbs. I am blessed.

Yesterday when we got home we made sandwiches for dinner, I cleaned up and then had to take a nap. I NEVER take naps, but I must have needed it because I slept from 3PM until 7PM got a drink of water went back to bed and slept until 5AM.
 Uhhhh yeah don't know what that was all about. 
I do feel rested though. LOL
Enjoy your day!

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Wonderful fruits of your hard work Nicole!
    I hope the laser treatment will finally sort your eye out.
    Keep safe,
    Alison xx

  2. In spite of the nap and way too busy glitches, you sound good! I also had the laser treatment twice after cataract surgery in both eyes. If it’s what I had, it’s common. It’s called YAG and is super easy to go through. No anesthesia is needed, just another visit. You may also need it in the other eye someday. Then again, you may never need it in the other eye. My Mom only ever needed it in one eye in spite of both eyes having had cataract surgery, and it’s good for life. You will be fine, try not to worry about it. Your gardening skills are amazing!

  3. Such a rewarding harvest from your garden. At least they can try the laser on that eye.

  4. Beautiful garden haul! I’m sorry to hear you’re suffering with complications from surgery, hopefully it will be fine soon. You certainly had a good rest and like you said you must have needed it. Sometimes I think our bodies know better than our minds about what’s needed.

  5. Wow to your wonderful garden, you really have green fingers. The 'skin' after cataract surgery happens a lot, and is lasered away in a few minutes, no pain or problems, so don't worry! Have a good week, Valerie

  6. That was necessarily the sleep with the excitement with my eyes again and all that to do in the garden.
    So much harvested, so many delicious herbs and also all the other vegetables and the wonderful eggplant.
    The joy is great let it taste you!
    Have a nice Sunday Elke

  7. Wow, what beauties you have grown. You're like pro, all look so bright and fresh!

  8. Sorry to hear about your eye. That is a bummer. But I am also swooning about your garden. and an eggplant too. Mine got eaten by chipmunks this year. Still disappointed about that even though I've pulled my garden already. No rain and being on a well, I didn't want to water. Oh well, the beauty of gardens is there is always next year.

  9. Own harvest, what a joy! Tomatoes and all that fresh green makes my mouth water! Enjoy.

  10. Yes, you deserve a break with your poor long-suffering eyes!

  11. I've heard that the film issue isn't unusual with cataract surgery and hope the laser procedure goes well. What a garden bonanza!

  12. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that your left eye needs further treatment. I hope the comment above this is right and that it's a relatively straightforward correction. Looks like your garden has been enjoying the rain!
    Alison x

  13. Nicole,

    I'm sorry things didn't go so well with your left eye. I hope the doctor can get it fixed up for you in no time at all. I can only imagine your frustration. Saying prayers the laser procedure goes well on that eye. Your vegetables look amazing. I can't recall if I've had eggplant before but our youngest daughter loves it and has made baked eggplant many times. Rest is your body's way to speed healing so if your body says nap, then nap. You'll feel all the better for doing it. ;)

  14. I don't think I've EVER seen eggplant that small. 🍆

    So adorable that tiny! 🙂

  15. A wonderful crop! Love eggplants, and yours is about the size I can expect :)
    I gave up, even if they tasted nice. They got spider mites too, otherwise I would go on with them.
    Good luck with your eye!

  16. Yummy harvest ! Thanks for linking up with Garden Affair.