Monday, September 28, 2020

Monday Morning

Hi Everyone!
Monday morning and the start of a new week. Actually, my days just run into each other and before I know it another week has flown by.  For the next 2 days we are going to have 88° I love hot sunshine and will take full advantage of it. I say hot sunshine because we have many days of sunshine but it is cold with the pacific winds. As you know this is the time of year that I make cabs, (cabochons) I am still in the mix of it. I have most of the digitals finished and now have to start on the hand painted cabs. 

I am watching the news for the first time in a week. Holy Crow! I am turning it off. 
It's time to take cabs out of the kiln anyway.
I am wishing the very best day for all who 
come my way.
Be Safe out there.

Honor and integrity in art, 
in life.


  1. Love the seasonal cabs. Enjoy the sunshine, it's cold and damp here, but we need rain so much! Valerie

  2. I turned the news on too, bad move,, I’m very interested in cabs,, I’m going to go back in your blogs to learn all about them,,

  3. I do love these cabs! Do you craft with them at all, or just sell them?p

  4. These are great Nicole. I'm finding it quite cold here.

  5. I can't _not_ watch the news lol I catch the PBS News Hour and the BBC America broadcast that follows it on our local public tv channel. And then there's FB and Twitter and phone notifications lol I still haven't decided whether or not to watch the first debate. That just might be a bridge too far.

  6. Glorious cabochons - the images are lovely. The news is beyond depressing, both sides of the Atlantic... best to avoid it, I agree, if you want to keep your sanity. You've at least got a voting opportunity in a few weeks' time. The UK has got its current crop of criminal profiteering conmen for another four years, and the hardest of all possible hard Brexits for which we are heading is going to cause permanent and irreparable damage, no matter who wins next time. Stick to creating beauty!
    Alison x

  7. Lovely cabs! I'm still watching the news. Trying to keep track of the fires. I am staying off FB pretty much. My granddaughter in law actually posted that both candidates are pedofiles. Eric Trump started that nasty rumor and so many believe it to be true. I MUST watch the news because I MUST know what is going on. I'll watch the debate. Maybe trump won't show up if JB does not have a drug test. What a Maroon spoken like Bugs Bunny.
    Stay safe and well.
    xx, Carol

  8. Nicole,

    Would you remind me again what cabs are and how you display these? Yeah, I'm so absent-minded! :) It looks like you've been busy.

  9. Oh, aren't those just too cute?! 🤗