Monday, September 14, 2020


 Hi Everyone!

I hope all of you had a very good weekend.  The west coast is still burning. I must say I am so thankful that I live here and not any other place in OR. The air is still bad but not like it was and we have our home. As you know I am only finding positive things in my life right now. No news, skipping by FB stories of horror, gore and government. I have been having a difficult time getting into the art room but I am gong to do that today. In the mean time.....
Last night I made meatball sandwiches for dinner. Not something we normally eat but wanted to give them a try. I mixed ground beef, sweet Italian sausage, and some Chorizo in a bowl. Well of course a bowl what else. LOL I added bread crumbs, garlic powder, fresh onions, and celery from my garden, and 1 egg. It made enough to feed an army so some meatballs will go into the freezer. 


It's all about the meatballs


Meatball sandwich with home grown purple potatoes.

Meatball sandwich homegrown purple potatoes.

The sauce is something I just threw together with chilies, tomatoes, 1small can of tomato sauce and spices. Any sauce would work. 
My garden is amazing. The fact that plants want to live and how that all happens in a smoke filled, ash floating environment makes me want to  take some classes on this. 
These are all taken this morning.  


These were not here yesterday


New pepper flowers


Broccoli bloom


Celery ready to harvest.


This is a tom plant that was suppose to be a watermelon any way that is what the package read.


I thought it was dormant until today. Now I have these.


Last week this was at the end of it's cycle.    


Now it is huge and has 8 squash growing.


More yellow squash


Peppers overnight doubled in size.


There were no cucs until the smoke and fire came.    


Limas have doubled on the vine


and the flowers just keep blooming.




I hope all of you are not sick of seeing my garden. I know that those of you who grow anything realize the miracle in this.
Be safe from all that wants to hurt us and bring us down. 
and now blogger doesn't want to work so I will close for now.
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. N, maybe not blogger, but all I’net connections as everyone is trying to keep up with news and stuff. As evacuees are landing somewhere they are checking in and getting off “missing” lists. Even our rock solid net is wavering a bit. Our air quality went from almost 600 down to 201 overnight. Hooray. Glad your garden is recovering, even my stuffin the greenhouse is slowing down, not enough light for veggies. Take care, we are too. Donna

  2. I didn't know that broccoli had such beautiful blooms!

  3. Now I am hungry! And your garden is so beautiful! And brings some good things to eat. :)

  4. I'll never tire of garden progress photos. My patio faces north, which limits what I can grow, so I'm experiencing gardening vicariously :)

  5. It's so wonderful to see your garden flourishing Nicole, enjoy your delicious produce! The meatballs look good too!
    I keep praying for wisdom in those governing our countries, sadly we will have to wait a few years for a change in ours!
    Alison xx