Wednesday, July 15, 2020

TAD with Rain 2 colors

Hi Everyone!
At the last minute we had to drive into Salem, Or. Uuuhhhgggg..... a 3 hour drive to see Mr. M's doctor. I stayed in the car while he went in. It didn't take long, all that drive for, it didn't take long. We stopped in Albany, Or. on the way home to go to Costco. We have not been since Jan and I needed to stock up on some things. It WAS crowded. Of course everyone HAD to wear a mask except kids. I don't quite understand why parents would not mask their kids. I had on my mask and a shield. I am so cute when I go out these days. Hee hee hee. I will have to take a photo so ya' all can see. 
 We are both tired and ready to take a nap, but I wanted to get this post published before I head upstairs. For Thursday Art Date with Rain the theme is 2 colors. Oh this is perfect for me.
A few years ago I did a series of Black to White. The paintings were featured is several coastal art galleries. Most of them sold too. Yay.

Well that's just a few of the series. 
Each painting only has black and white paint.
I am off for a sleep. Hope everyone is well and being careful out there.
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  1. These are absolutely incredible, Nicole. I love, love, love your paintings.

  2. Fabulous art Nicole. Glad you got the big journey done satisfactorily! Valerie

  3. Some of them are really among my favorite paintings of yours. Looking forward to see you tomorrow at PPF!

  4. A wonderful series of paintings Nicole!
    Crikey, that's a long way to drive for a doctor visit. Hope you're feeling rested now.
    Alison xx

  5. Wow, Nicole, a beautiful showing! So many of my favorite, trees.

  6. Beautiful black and white pieces Nicole. Thanks for sharing your Costco experience I have not been there since covid started

  7. I love your BW paintings !!! Fascinating how you painted it!
    With the long drive and shopping you are also tired!
    Greetings Elke

  8. Wonderful art ~ Enjoy the weekend & the nap

  9. Gosh what a very long drive for the doctor visit...
    love your black and white art- they have such impact! Happy PPF!

  10. Nice pieces Nicole. Happy weekend. Thanks for dropping by my blog today


  11. Love trees. Here in Idaho mask is the thing anyhow at times I was the only one with a mask on in the store, including the clerks.
    PPf and coffee is on

  12. These are fantastic creations ~ can see why they would sell ~ Be Well ^_^

    Live the moment
    with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores

  13. Well I can understand why some of them sold ... your art is amazing and I love love love the city on a ledge ... not sure why, it just struck me. Hope the doctors visit turned out well and you got all your goodies at Costco ... and you are right, the kids over 5 years of age are supposed to wear masks ... they do at my store and I am grateful for it. So rest well and stay safe, Nicole ...

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  14. Such an amazing set! I love the drama of black and white in your artwork.


  15. they are all nice pieces of art, and I like black and white ones. The third one looks like it is a IR photo. Gorgeous! :)
    Take care!

  16. Hi Nicole :) OOOH...that is a LONG drive for a doctor's appointment. I don't quite understand why kids don't need masks either, and why parents don't insist they wear them. I wear mine all of the time when I'm out now, even though there hasn't been a case of covid here in weeks. Better to be safe.

    Now where do I start???? Your black and whites are so amazing...there is a creepy quality to them that I love, and that's a compliment btw! ;) I love the first's very ghostly...your tree work is enviable...I've been working on trees for ages and I need to practice a lot more. The shading in the second one is fantastic. The buildings and houses are great, the first one (white buildings) reminds me of the German expressionist style. You're really good with perspective! Great post!!

  17. Wow! These are all stunning, Nicole. I'm so in awe of your talent. I particularly love trees... they look so good in b&w, too, don't they? Beautiful art. It's made my day :-)
    Cath x

  18. Amazing monochrome paintings - they are so atmospheric and powerful. I'm not surprised they were in demand. Oh, and I completely agree with you about the masking. What have you got to lose by wearing one?! Belated happy PPF!
    Alison x