Tuesday, July 14, 2020


 Hi Everyone!

Man have I been busy. A lot going on around me. Some good, some not so good for others. My town has just gone off it's rocker. The Elks opened up BINGO tonight and there must have been 200 cars in the parking lot and down the street. I only know this because we had to take Mr. M's. truck into the shop today and on the way home saw people lined up to get into BINGO. Then, I took my packages out to my mail lady to have her say, "Nicole, just set your packages down and back away." Then she tells me that her daughter, who works for a housekeeping company, went to her regular house to clean and when she was done the lady that owns the house called the company to tell them she is positive covid. REALLY? There are many people who just don't care at all and will spread this until there is total population control. Ohhh did I write that out loud? 😊

Anyway, I have 2 cards that I need to make for some friends. I was playing around with my inks and ended up with these. 
It doesn't show in the photo but it is metallic gold and really shines.
These will get folded in half and embellished. 

Today, I cut, photographed and listed some fabrics on my beadwright.com website
I had these in my fabric boxes and rediscovered them.

These are not craft felts like you get at Michael's this is very nice fabric.

Now for the question of the day.
Soft, spicy oatmeal cookies, 
with raisins or without?
Mr. M. will not eat the cookies if there are raisins. 
Me? give me lots. How do you like them?
Oh I drink some 96oz of water a day. Hot H2/o with cookies yummm.

Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. I want raisins in my cookies, please! Lovely cards. Here some people are going crazy, too, partying and celebrating and no masks or distance, the police have to go in and break things up, awful. Stay safe and be careful! Valerie

  2. Hey Nicole, it's a good thing that you're busy. At least I think so! 🙂 I like the 2 cards, think I prefer the 2nd one. 😃

    I try to drink A LOT of water these days, as well. Actually, it's been like that in the last couple months, on and off. It's not interesting to me so, I forget it. 🤷‍♂️ We need it, as you know, though. 💦

    And LMAO at the girl who finished her work and THEN told admitted she's positive. Mess. Hilarious and sad at the same time. 😏

  3. That Covid story made me MAD. I am saying all you are thinking because I'm pretty sure we think alike. Stay safe and stay well and NO BINGO!!
    xx, Carol

  4. Please be careful and stay safe.
    Your cards are lovely!
    Hot water and cookies sounds good to me-I've done that too. I like with or without raisins.

  5. I'm not struck on raisins but to be honest I could probably eat them both :-)

  6. My husband isn't keen on raisins either, but like you, I love them.
    I love your cards, they're beautiful!
    Alison xx

  7. Stunning card there, Nicole. Love the colours and I bet it's so much nicer when you see the sheen. I can eat most dry fruits - or fruits - until the cows come home. Apart from rhubarb and gooseberries!
    Cath x