Monday, July 13, 2020

Cinnamon Pizza Sticks

Hi Everyone,

My weekend flew by and here it is Monday already. Here in Florence when the sun comes out the high winds blow in off the ocean. It SUCKS! I know now why gardening is so difficult here. I had to cover everything as best I could but the wind blew blossoms off some of my plants boo hoo hoo. ON most of my plants the leaves curled up to protect themselves. The life of a plant is truly amazing. Right now the cool morning and clear skies has the sun shinning down but come 11AM the winds start again and things will have to be covered. 
 The other day I pulled some pizza dough out of the freezer. However, after defrosting Mr. M. didn't want pizza. It is no where near his favorite food. So I made cinnamon pizza sticks. OMG!!!! 
They are so darn good. Mr. M. likes these. LOL

What ever you are doing today make it the best. 
Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. I think I'll get some pizza dough!! We have wind here in the mountains everyday...thank God. Some days it's pretty hard but not like YOUR wind.

  2. Oh my those look so good! I've made some like that too, except I twist them up. I like your way though, when I twist them, the topping falls off a bit! You need some kind of wind screen!

  3. Hope your plants survive. That looks yummy. Have a great week also. x

  4. Yum, I was sure I had one batch of dough in the freezer, but noooo. Darn I wanted make cinnamon sticks too. But today is bread day, so I may have a bit of energy left to make them too before heat comes here again. Take care, D

  5. Cinnamon pizza sticks sound good :)

    All the best Jan

  6. DH will eat pizza every day! But these sound yoummy! Is there a recipe?