Thursday, June 25, 2020

TAD with Rain

Hi Everyone!

Today is Thursday Art Date with Rain. This week the theme is "Heat Wave"  I was born and raised in a hot and humid CA. city. When I was quite young I moved to S. Tahoe, from there to a cold and snowy NV. Then off to AK. From there N. ID. Right on the MT border and then here to OR. Now, in between all of that I lived in and loved AZ. The heat so high that the black of the street would melt. I loved hiking the desert, finding, arrow heads and crystal deposit. Going out and shooting not only my bow but target with a gun. (I am a crack shot with both) There is nothing like sitting out at night when the flaming day cools to some 20° and it is still scorching. The fragrance of the desert is so clean, the sky so black with millions of stars. The Coyotes singing to one another echos through the canyons. I thrive in that heat, in that desert, in that barren beauty. My heart lives in AZ. One day I will tell the story of why we had to leave. For now the memory of it brings me joy.
I told you all of that to say, heat waves haven't been in my world for many years. So painting them or creating some kind of heat wavy picture isn't fluid for me. 
This is my abstract "Heat Wave"
Painted today 
 One of my bead patter designs.
 and here it is beaded

 This is a wall sculpture I made several years ago. 
 It is highly coated and very shinny

It is 3-d and very heat wavish. LOL

The next 2 photos are close up of the thick and deep texture.

One of many glass cabs that I make

 This is a photo of the high desert here in OR.

This is a painting I did that made me feel the desert.
 I hope you enjoyed the "Heat Wave" 
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Honor and integrity in art, in life.


  1. Your pieces created in the “Heat Wave” theme are exquisite, and succeed in making me feel, well...HOT! I’m a Jersey girl born and bred, and except for 7 college years in Oklahoma, have been here all my life. Those 7 years were the most unbearable weather-wise for me. A month or more with temps running over 100 degrees every day had me longing for the northeast. Thankfully, we got to return! With climate change, we are now suffering in the summer even here in the NE, but I would literally die in AZ. Sorry, back to your incredible art! Your abstract painting is genius. It reflects what I would feel as incredibly long days were punctuated by too short cold blue nights. I would live for those nights! Your wall sculpture is amazing! I wonder about the materials and process that went into creating it. Imagination is endless in that piece. Again, “Playing in the Desert” reflects the warm and cool colors, I would have to reverse my days there...sleeping through the heat, and playing in the cool of the night. The colors are perfect in that piece. These pieces tell a big story of a part of your life, and I feel would provide an important theme for a gallery showing.

  2. Oh Nicole, you and I are SO different. I hate the heat. If it weren't for air conditioning, I would be dead. I can always add clothes, but I can only take off so many and still be decent. Luckily, I live alone with two cats who don't care if I wear clothes or not (grin).

    You have created some beautiful pieces. That abstract screams hot. Your cab is gorgeous, too. I was really taken by that wall sculpture, as much for the texture as for the bright hot colors. Great examples today, dear.

  3. really nice warm looking painting :) AZ is gorgeous, but way too hot for me lol

  4. You grew up in a wonderful natural world. Your painted picture is beautiful with these colors of heat!
    All your other art works are fantastic, just this piece of glass jewelry!
    I love this Art!
    Greetings Elke

  5. I need to turn the air conditioning on now!

  6. Gorgeous art Nicole, heat wave and otherwise. Amazing you are good with shooting targets and at using bows.

  7. Hey, Nicole! 🙂

    Well those colors are givin' me LIFE! 🔥🔥🔥

  8. You certainly were a traveler. You covered a lot of territory in your lifetime and I would say that Oregon is a great place to land, but I am guessing your heart is still in Arizona. Both are beautiful places, but opposites when it comes to weather. I love your heat wave projects and your many different talents. I somehow haven't allowed myself time to explore the many different ways to express ourselves. I do regret that, because I love art in every form. Not sure I would be good enough to create some of your beauties, but think I could have had fun trying. There, I sound like life is over and I won't have a chance to do anything again, Ha! I will take a shot at expanding my art interest next week as Rain has challenged us to do just that. Love all of your art, Nicole, especially your glass Cabs ... don't know how you do that :) Be Well, stay safe ...

    Andrea @ Form the Sol

  9. On my travels I have visited deserts and once I have been in AZ. I enjoyed the dry heat when the sweat instantly left the skin and left you dry. Just be careful not to burn your skin. In Sweden heat is damp and you get wet. Not fun at all.
    Love your new painting. Love all the colors you put in there. :)
    Take care!

  10. My wall thermometer is reading 34C 🇹🇹
    Luv your heat wave post today Nicole


  11. Wonderful pieces, the beaded piece is my fave today. Valerie

  12. Hi Nicole :)) You are a TRUE artist, I'm blown away by your beadwork and your wall sculpture, how amazing! I admit, I had to rack my brain a little trying to figure out which states you were talking about but I think I got them all lol! I'd love to hear why you left Arizona. The way you describe it sounds magical, it feels like you are describing your home. If you post about that and I miss it, please let me know! I love the colours in your painting, it does make a person think of the desert! Well done!! :)